Japanese firefighters caught having ‘habitual sex’ at fire station while on duty

A male fire chief (30) and a female firefighter (25) in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, have been suspended for two months, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Tuesday. They were caught having sex in the fire station’s restroom during working hours. The female firefighter announced her intention to retire at the same time as the disciplinary action. Two of the firefighters’ supervisors were also reprimanded for failing to properly manage and supervise them.

Image source=Pixabay [Image source=Pixabay].

The two were found to have been secretly meeting and having sex in the women’s sleeping quarters, men’s restrooms토토사이트, and gymnasium during night shifts one to three times a month since July last year.

The Ashiya City Fire Department called them in to investigate in February after receiving a report from some employees that “there were rumors that the two were engaging in sexual activity on duty.” The two initially denied having sex, but eventually admitted that they had “become close after consulting about private matters and had sex one to three times a month,” and said, “I am sorry and deeply regretful.”

Mayor Ryosuke Takashima of Ashiya City said, “In order to restore trust, each and every one of our employees must treat this incident as if it were their job and work diligently every day.” Fire Chief Shiichi Nomura said, “We deeply apologize for the loss of public trust, and we want to work to restore it.”

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