Jeon In-gee, who gained confidence through painting, “I’m already looking forward to the 2023 season”

“The title of this work is ‘Regained Me’. I wanted to express the excitement when Dumbo dropped the question mark and had pain, when he regained himself.”

Jeon In-ji (28), who introduced each work and explained the meaning contained in it, was full of energy. When she was active as the best player in Korea, she won a major tournament on the LPGA Tour and returned to the interview. Even in an interview, her face was so happy that she wondered if she had ever shown such a confident appearance. .

From the 17th to the 20th, Jeon Inji will hold an exhibition titled ‘Meet Dumbo, the Parrot: When Curiosity Becomes Art’ at the Bon Gallery in Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, where she communicates with her fans through the artwork she has painted in her spare time. She prepared a space to communicate with her fans by exhibiting her own paintings, which she completed after learning from Park Seon-mi, who mainly draws parrots, over the past year, as well as works prepared through collaboration with her teacher.

Jeon In-ji, who attended a media briefing on the 15th ahead of the opening of the exhibition, said, “After she met the artist for the first time in December of last year, I thought I wanted to paint too. It became a fate for her, so she took classes in her spare time, and she started preparing from last May, and after finishing the season, she was able to open an exhibition through intensive work,” she said. When she lost her confidence due to her long slump and was having a hard time, she said that writer Park Seon-mi said, “Jun Ji-ji has her ninth intelligence,” and said that it was a great source of strength for her to inspire her courage.

Jeon In-ji tried to express emotions in the work through a cute baby elephant character nicknamed ‘Flying Dumbo’. Her signature work, ‘Meet Dumbo the Parrot’, depicts a scene in which Dumbo, who lost confidence and shed tears in the field before meeting artist Park Seon-mi to learn painting, meets a parrot and brings out various talents. This work, the size of No. 100, has already been sold for 20 million won. Inji Jeon plans to donate all proceeds from this exhibition to the Lancaster Education Foundation, which she sponsors. 토토

In the work titled ‘Regained Me’, the elephant Dumbo, who has found his confidence in the past, appears holding a question mark, a symbol of curiosity. Realizing that while learning and drawing, she can overcome her impatience and nervousness and turn her mistakes into positive ones, it eventually became a stepping stone for Jeon to get out of the slump and win the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in a major tournament last June.

In addition, ‘Route’, which expresses the golfer’s journey he has walked, ‘One Point Difference’, which depicts a scene falling into the hole by a narrow car at the British Women’s Open in July, and ‘108’, which endlessly asks himself questions through 108 question marks, etc. have.

Jeon In-ji plans to leave for the United States on January 2 next year and do winter training in Palm Springs, California.

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