Jin Joong-kwon “I chewed on this side and chewed on that side and was lonely, but I don’t sing praises for living”

This man is an idiot. Left or right, there is no acknowledgment. The homeland, once a friend, was no exception. He was more poignant because he was close. Jin Joong-kwon (60) said, “If you take someone’s side even while denying my thoughts, there is no reason to live.”

In 1998, Jin Joong-kwon started walking the path of a commentator by chance. As a socialist, he looked down on not only the extreme right, but also the main group. He was unstoppable and everyone hated him. I met Jin Joong-kwon, who lived for 25 years under the name of a commentator, at his home near Hongdae, Seoul on the 10th. He said, “I regret everything” and “I am always lonely.” I could feel the weariness of years of being harassed and ridiculed.

However, Jin Joong-kwon was a person who quickly became sharp. Divided his own 25 years into before and after the ‘Corrections of the Fatherland’. Even though he called his country ‘Gee’ and ‘Gooki’, he said with a straight face, “I shouldn’t have lived like that.” He said, “The democratization forces have come to an end. It was the motherland crisis that took that historical stamp. This is because the public witnessed a huge gap between the image of the democratization forces and the reality and felt a tremendous sense of betrayal.”

His life also changed a lot after the motherland incident. He re-bited the cigarette he had quit, and bought back the piano he hadn’t played.

– How did you become a commentator in the first place?

“At first I was angry and started writing. In 1998, I wrote an article about demonism in art history in a magazine, and it was in the context of praising Park Chung-hee. It made Park Chung-hee a lonely demon and a romantic genius. He overcharged the protest and wrote a counterargument, but he said he couldn’t give it space. The manuscript circulated around and went to Munhakdongne and caused a great sensation. That was 25 years ago.”

-You started with a criticism of Park Chung-hee craze.

“I sent another letter, but Munhakdongne expressed disapproval. I was annoyed. So, I went to characters and ideas. that’s cool I even sent you materials to write more. I put together the serialized articles and published a book, ‘I don’t spit on your grave’. As a counter-fire to the book ‘Spit on My Grave,’ in which reporter Cho Gab-je praised Park Chung-hee.”

-But he picked Park Chung-hee as a great president.

“Because there are achievements. The anger at that time was not toward Park Chung-hee. It was because of the revival of old people and people who have passed away. The past is past. It’s still the same now. The democratization movement is also over. Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun have already finished their historical lives. It is not desirable to resurrect them.”

– How did you develop your writing skills?

“When I was in school, there was a thing called ‘sweeping teeth’. It’s a game where you shouldn’t get angry when friends insult each other. After fighting to scratch the inside of the opponent, I started to speak well, and I think that led to writing.”

– Now you hear that it is anti-democratic party.

“no. I really hope the Democratic Party does well. Too bad. I’m interested in the exorcist (exorcist). Right now, the Democratic Party is possessed by the ghost of the movement, and it seems that it has become a state where it will die if it is driven out. For young people, there is no such thing as Gwangju or 1987. It’s all in the history books, modern history. Something new must come out in 2030. That’s why I’m on my side even when Lee Jun-seok stops me from being ‘cheating’. I have to hand it over now. Whether it be porridge or rice.”

-You have repeatedly joined and withdrew from the Justice Party-affiliated party.

“I think the legal political party movement is right. When I joined the Democratic Labor Party, I was very enthusiastic. We struggled for supply and even got credit card debt every election, so we gave away everything we didn’t have. I even run myself.”

After returning from studying abroad in Germany, Jin Joong-kwon became famous on the Internet by waving his pencil with ‘street language’. Then, in 2016, the Twitter account was suddenly blown up and disappeared. It is said that he too, who poured out the words in his heart, was annoyed by the exhausting debate. His three-year silence was broken when the ‘Cho Kuk Crisis’ broke out.

-Are you thinking of running for office?

“no. In 1998, when I became somewhat famous for my writing, I met Lim Jong-seok (who had just been released from prison) in Germany. While walking on the Greenike Bridge, where East and West Germany exchanged spies, I asked, “What are you going to do in the future?” He said that he was preparing for the advancement of progressive forces into politics. He said he did well. But he’s going straight into the Democratic Party. For NL , the end of the revolution must have been the Democratic Party. It was absolutely baffling.”

-If there was a turning point in the life of a commentator.

“It is a country case. Korea can also be divided into before and after the incident. There are two great stories that have led Korean society, and the second of them, democratization, has come to an end.”

-What does it mean.

“One of the great stories is industrialization, the myth of Park Chung-hee. Another is democratization, the myth of Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun. These two were so successful that they ended. Industrialization has been extremely successful, and there is no other country like this in democratization. It was the motherland crisis that marked the end of the era of democratization. Now, only vested interests remain.”

– Were you disappointed?

“During the 15 years of Kim Dae-jung, Roh Moo-hyun and Moon Jae-in, the 1987 generation also became vested interests. These people may have helped with political democratization, but democratization is all in their lives, but they were not interested in micropolitics. That’s why there was no self-reflection. Others do it, so I do it too. The education superintendent of progressives should also send their children to special purpose high schools, and the Tongyang University president’s citation should be forged so that my children can also be sent to a good university. The public must have felt a tremendous sense of betrayal.”

– Were you close with your country?

“When I was in graduate school, I even wrote ‘Critique of Juche Ideology’ together. It was that friend who introduced me to the professor position at Dongyang University. It was when I was fired from my position as an adjunct professor at Korea National University of Arts and Chung-Ang University during MB , and I was attending a flight school in the Philippines. I could have gotten a taxi driver’s license if I flew for 50 more hours, but I should have just stayed there. At first, when the situation broke out, I tried to help. But he lied.”

-Didn’t you evaluate your country as perfect?

“haha. God is fair. The kid was good. But if it was like me, I don’t think I would have sacrificed my wife. Even her wife’s sins are covered by me. I don’t know if I’m conservative. Anyway, I haven’t had any contact since.”

– Will the country run for the general election next year?

“I probably will. The Democratic Party changed the party constitution so that it could be nominated even during the trial. It’s a sign to come out. It’s the only way he can be saved.”

– Since then, you’ve earned the nickname ‘Everyone Cracking Doll’.

“Isn’t everyone supposed to be like that? I’m sorry if I’m wrong You can’t break the rules. This is the basis of ethics. Because I think of my side, I become my husband. I have to evaluate a certain phenomenon as an individual, but I try to stick to which side. Look at Yoo Si-min. You have become a worthless person.”

-It also went wrong with Ryu Si-min.

“I told Yoo Si-min in the past, ‘I believe Roh Hoe-chan and Shim Sang-jung 100%, but you only believe 50%’. Because he made an engineering judgment, not an ethical one. It’s not right or wrong, it’s whether you can win even if you’re not right or not. That’s stupid. The world is much wider than ‘your narrow and small head’, but I overlooked that. That 50% trust also came to an end with the motherland crisis.”


“The public sphere has collapsed. Intellectuals have gone to one side or the other. The symbolic thing is the relationship between Ryu Si-min and Kim Eo-jun. People like Kim Eo-jun should be filtered out from above, but rather, you went under and justified it.”

– What could be the reason?

“Even intellectuals continue to talk nonsense in order to make a living. In fact, I can make a lot of money too. Whether it’s this side or that side, you just have to praise one side. If so, I already put up a building in Gangnam. It’s hard to resist that temptation. If you don’t belong to either side like me, both sides will curse you. You have to endure it, but it’s not easy, that solitude.”

-Are you lonely?

“always. I enjoy that solitude. There is such a thing as ‘myself’, but I don’t know why I have to make a dedication. If something goes wrong, anyone should be able to criticize it. If you’re going to get rid of me and blend in with the herd, why do you live? There is no purpose in life.”

-You missed the chance to make money.

“I earn enough to spend. It’s been a while since I became a high earner. I also donate here and there. As I get older, I become a kkondae when I open my mouth. If someone says they are running, they give me a few pennies.”

Someone commented on him as ‘cold-blooded, as if not a drop of blood would come out even if stabbed with a needle’. It is Jin Joong-kwon to fight with netizens who post comments on Facebook if they have a different opinion. He also said, “After that, everything will be regretted.”

– What do you regret?

“There are too many. I don’t even want to take it out of my mouth. Criticism is moment-to-moment. when it’s hot Minerva’s owl begins to fly after sunset, but reviews must be done at sunrise. But once history has passed, the evaluation will change again.”

– Specifically?

“The anti-Joseon movement was like that. I couldn’t help it at the time, but I think I had to. It was pleasant when I posted a column criticizing conservatives in Jodokma (Chosun Ilbo readers’ yard) every day, claiming to be the Chosun Ilbo’s “night editor,” but I think those things rather accelerated the current political polarization.”

-If you look back on the anti-Joseon movement.

“I wonder what it would have been like if we had been more active in doing interviews with the Chosun Ilbo instead of rejecting them.”

-What did you do best?

“Blowing up Twitter in 2016. I had 860,000 followers, but I just blew it away. I regretted it, but I think it was the best thing I did. I’m not inconsistent, but how do you know what I was talking about back then? I don’t remember either.”

“CEO Lee Jae-myeong, you have to come down now”

On this day, Jin Joong-kwon also struck a blow at President Yoon Seok-yeol, CEO Lee Jae-myung, and both the opposition parties.

– Some say that he is the number one contributor to the birth of the Yoon Seok-yeol government.

“well. Even before the presidential primary, I thought of him as a blank canvas. It is possible to draw a picture of a reasonable remuneration, a remuneration tolerated by the moderates, rather than the old remuneration. But President Yoon was already drawn on the drawing paper. In the end, the last presidential election was won because of Haek-gwan Yoon and first lady Kim Kun-hee.”

– There is also criticism of the homeland black book team.

“We have already broken up. We met once after that. Needless to say, attorney Kwon Kyung-ae, who became controversial for not attending the trial, made a very big mistake. But she says, as Beethoven puts it, if you ask her, ‘Should it have been,’ she replies, ‘It had to be.메이저사이트‘”

-How would you evaluate the five years of the Moon Jae-in administration?

“Damned what? I could have done well, but I blew all my chances. It was more poisonous that the Democratic Party won too many seats in the general election due to the corona craze. Before that, it was already at the limit due to the situation in the motherland.”

-Please say something to President Seok-yeol Yoon and CEO Jae-myung Lee.

“It is good for the president to go conservative, but I want him to go with the middle way. There is no way to go rightward. CEO Lee Jae-myeong should resign. He is holding the party hostage for his own life. Too many people died. If he hadn’t met Jaemyung Lee, he would be alive today. I have to stop now and come down. The Democratic Party says there is no alternative, but Lee Jae-myung is the alternative.”

I want to live doing only fun things

Jin Joong-kwon lives alone. My Japanese wife, whom I met while studying abroad, and my son, who is in his 20s, are in Germany. He bought a 17-pyeong villa near Hongdae about four years ago. He bought this place, not an apartment, when real estate prices skyrocketed during the Moon Jae-in administration. The Bokdeokbang staff was also surprised and said that they cut off 10 million won first. “Because of the terrace. He signed the contract without knowing how many pyeong it was.” He lives with a cat. The small room with only a mattress and a piano was called Jin Joong-kwon’s room, and the rest were called cat rooms.

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