‘Jomin rides a Porsche’ is innocent even though it’s a lie…why?

When former Justice Minister candidate Cho Kook was nominated in 2019, the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Institute’ spread false information, saying, “Cho Min, daughter of former Minister Cho, rides a foreign sports car.” I did.

Eventually, she was put on trial for defamation.

Today, the first trial court ruled that their statements were false, but that the defamation was not guilty.

For some reason, reporter Kim Ji-in covered it.

◀ Report ▶

This is a broadcast of the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Institute’ in August 2019, when Senior Secretary for Civil Affairs Cho Kuk was nominated as a candidate for the Minister of Justice, and the political battle was fierce.

[Kim Yong-ho/Reporter Jeon (August 2019, ‘Garosero Research Institute’ YouTube)]
“I know what kind of car my daughter rides. I was informed by someone at the school that she drives a red imported car…” < Hahahaha

They also released a picture of a red Porsche vehicle, saying, “It is the car of Jomin, the daughter of the motherland.”

However, Mr. Cho was riding a domestic car.

They were brought to court on charges of defamation, and the first trial court acquitted all of them after nine months.

The court also ruled that the statement at the time was false.

However, he said, “It was a suspicion of former Minister Cho’s property formation스포츠토토.”

Although it can give the perception that the family is extravagant, it was also determined that Jo Min’s social evaluation did not deteriorate.

It is also a matter of public concern whether or not her daughter drives her foreign car, and because of this, she also insisted that her daughter be considered a public figure of hers.

[Kim Se-eui/Former Reporter]
“After all, the country is normalized, so now it seems that the judiciary is also normalized.”

During the trial, the cast member who said ‘I apologize to Mr. Jo Min’ said this right after the acquittal.

[Kim Yong-ho/Reporter Jeon]
“Actually, I don’t know if I need an apology because I don’t think I’m ashamed of riding a foreign car.”

Jo Min said on social media that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has started the process of revoking his doctor’s license, but he did not comment on the ruling.

With former Minister Cho and his wife convicted of corruption in her daughter’s entrance exam, the prosecution plans to decide whether to bring her daughter, Min Jo, to trial sooner or later.

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