Joon-hee Han “Detained Jun-ho Son in China? I also question the livestock cooperative… I can’t decide on match-fixing”

◇ Park Jae-hong> Very interesting news for soccer fans this morning, the teams that advance to the Champions League final have been covered. Inter Milan and Manchester City. Also, there is a lot of news about our players Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, and Son Heung-min, and is this really true? You must be curious about this, so I decided to ask you today if I could continue talking with him as he became the eternal commentator of bout matches and recently became the vice president of the Korea Football Association (Laughs). Vice Chairman Joon-hee Han, please come.

◆ Junhee Han> How are you? By the way, isn’t the dictionary meaning of the word yeongjeon moving toward something good?

◇ Jaehong Park> I rode a palanquin.

◆ Han Jun-hee> But if I had completely moved, I wouldn’t be here right now, but even while moving, I’m still present in today’s multiverse-like bout. So it doesn’t completely match the dictionary meaning of the yeongjeon.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Then, can you continue the commentary?

◆ Han Jun-hee> I will continue to do what I have been doing so far as long as my needs allow. And the reason why the Korea Football Association appointed me as vice president is because they called me to strengthen communication with the public, communication with fans, and communication with the press and media, which were lacking in the past. If it folds completely, it doesn’t really serve its purpose.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> There is a rumor that the Football Association suggested, ‘If you let me do everything, I’ll take over as vice president’.

◆ Han Jun-hee> I don’t just make suggestions or counter-proposals. (Laughter) He has nothing to do with that.

◇ Park Jae-hong> First of all, since you are an advisory member of the bout, please use your strength in recruiting national players in the future.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I understand that it is similar to the special professor I am working on. (Laughter)

◆ Seonghoe Kim> What exactly does the vice president do?

◆ Han Jun-hee> First of all, seven vice-presidents were elected this time. Among them, the full-time vice chairman is former Vice Minister Kim Jung-bae of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

◇ Park Jae-hong> You are at the vice minister level, our vice president.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Isn’t it a bit lower than Vice Minister? Assistant Secretary. So he is the full-time vice-president who has been acting as the executive director we now know in the Korea Football Association. So, until now, there have been such positions as the president of the Korea Football Association to the vice president, but there has been a position called executive director, who can be said to be a managerial director of the Korea Football Association, but from now on, there is no executive director.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Does the full-time vice president do it?

◆ Han Jun-hee> The full-time vice president will play that role. And there are six other vice presidents including me, and each of them has a slightly different field of focus. As I said, communication. It can be seen as a vice president who focuses more on public relations.

◇ Park Jae-hong> You have to come out often, then? Yes?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It’s impossible not to come out. If you don’t show up, you’re dereliction of duty.

◆ Junhee Han> Yes.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> If you dereliction of duty, you will be arrested.

◆ Junhee Han> Oh! Are you going to the grounds of arrest?

◇ Park Jae-hong> This government has many things related to various arrests. first. (Laughter)

◆ Seonghoe Kim> Listeners who are too immersed in current affairs to the world of sports.

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right. First of all, I think the fans must have been very surprised to hear this news that another representative of our team is being detained by the Chinese police. Joon-ho Son. How do you know the football association right now?

◆ Han Jun-hee> I’m also surprised and regrettable, but the Chinese Football Association itself is in a very upset situation right now, and in a way, it’s a house of mourning. So, the Korea Football Association is also trying to find out about this situation, but the Chinese Football Association itself can’t easily do that right now.

◇ Jaehong Park> Are you missing?

◆ Han Jun-hee> In such a situation, I think the Korean consulate or embassy in China is the best place to get information related to Son Jun-ho. Now, Son Jun-ho is in custody, but in fact, it is difficult for us to know for what reason and under what circumstances he is now placed.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> First of all, match manipulation and.

Son Jun-ho, a national soccer team player, is being held in criminal detention by Chinese public security for four days. . The picture is Son Jun-ho interviewing at the time of the Qatar World Cup team in 2022. 2023.5.15 [Yonhap News photo] (End) Yonhap News
◇ Park Jae-hong> Allegations of bribery.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I received money related to that, isn’t this a charge?

◆ Han Jun-hee> That’s why there are quite a few people in the Chinese soccer world who have recently been detained for match fixing. So now Chinese soccer is in a frenzy, but now it seems very difficult to conclude here that our player Son Jun-ho was involved in the matter.

◇ Jaehong Park> It is difficult.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Some say that Son Jun-ho’s agent did something bad in forming a relationship with the coach. So, I have no choice but to tell Son Jun-ho himself that he is guilty or innocent, that he is currently detained for some reason, and that I have no information or knowledge to tell you about this.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Is there anything known about your position, right now?

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. Perhaps a lawyer was appointed on that side as well. But isn’t it a different system from ours? If Son Jun-ho appoints a lawyer in China and the lawyer has a chance to come out and talk about something, then maybe we can learn more.

◇ Jaehong Park> Let’s wait. Let’s get serious about football. First of all, the Champions League final team was covered at dawn. First, Inter Milan was up and beat AC Milan. Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-0. Real is really a team for the Champions League and it is one of the most winning teams.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It’s 4:0.

◆ Han Jun-hee> I think Man City was well qualified to win that big. And now, Real Madrid is actually a very dramatic match last season, and last season, it made Manchester City cry and ultimately won the championship. However, Real may have been a bit intoxicated by the win.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Winning Mannerism?

◆ Junhee Han> Benzema. There are too many players like Modric and Kross now, even though they are older. However, since those players miraculously brought them to the European championship last season, in a sense, if this happens now, as in all fields, the timing to change generations may be slightly missed.

So, in fact, this season’s Real is hard to see as a stronger Real than last season’s Real, while Manchester City is this season where Guardiola has planted more tactics to win trophies in Manchester City. So, Coach Guardiola has made Manchester City a team that can play very good football so far, but among them, this season’s Manchester City is a very well-equipped team with tactics that can win trophies in a practical way. do.

◇ Park Jae-hong> A travel that can win the English EPL league and even the Champions League?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Here we are in the FA Cup final, and our opponent is Manchester United. So it seems that we almost won the league. It is difficult for Arsenal to catch Man City right now, so they almost won the league, and in the Champions League, they have a confrontation with Inter Milan.

When I saw it, of course, when the champions league and championships are like that, there are often cases where the so-called underdog team wins, so I can never ignore Inter Milan. I’m thinking that it might be Manchester local rivals Manchester United.

Kim Min-jae dribbles in a friendly match between the Republic of Korea and Uruguay national football teams held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the evening of the 28th. Reporter Ryu Young-joo
◇ Park Jae-hong> FA Cup.

◆ Han Jun-hee> However, there is no doubt that the FA Cup is the smallest of the three trophies.

◇ Jaehong Park> Yes. So we’ve talked about the Champions League and now we’ve talked about Manchester United. Are you sure Minjae Kim can go to that team?

◆ Han Jun-hee> If you say that you are sure, then I am a person with no conscience.

◇ Park Jae-hong> As the vice-president of the Korea Football Association, do you have no choice but to say something responsible? Is it likely then?

◆ Han Joon-hee> So, transfer is something you don’t know until you actually wear a uniform and sign on the news. So, I don’t know, but many big clubs with a lot of money will be aiming for Kim Min-jae, but in my opinion, Manchester United’s possibility seems a bit high among them.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> How much is it?

◆ Han Joon-hee> The buyout now is basically, I looked for it a while ago, and how much is it in Hanwha? It’s about 81 billion right now. But in some ways, it could be more than this. Because I don’t know what options are attached depending on various conditions, but for example, when I move to a team that participates in the Champions League, I have to pay more than that, and for example, the team paying the buyout may appear multiple times. Then, in some ways, it might cost more money. So, the base line is probably 81 billion, and there is a high possibility of a plus alpha.

◇ Park Jae-hong> I think there are people who don’t know the concept of buyout. It’s like, ‘If you want to take writer Jin Joong-kwon, who is exclusive to bout, to another program, how much do you have to pay’?

◆ Han Jun-hee> In order to do that, the bout must have already signed a contract with writer Jin Joong-kwon.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I am a free player. Any other program.

◆ Han Jun-hee> ‘If you want to leave, you have to give us 1 trillion won out of your pocket.’ Originally, writer Jin Joong-kwon had to pay the bout team that this was a buyout. So the truth is that the opposing club isn’t paying for you, you’re buying yourself, by paying for the rights to yourself. But in this case, usually the club you’re trying to take will give it to you. So originally, he bought his rights and left for another team freely.

◇ Jaehong Park> Yes. However, for Kim Min-jae, the amount is about 80 billion won.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> Isn’t that the money going into Kim Min-jae’s pocket?

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> How much does Minjae Kim put in his pocket?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Player Kim Min-jae’s pocket is the size of the transfer fee. In the case of Min-jae Kim, the size of the transfer fee will be the transfer fee. If you go, you can anticipate that more than hundreds of millions of dollars will be stuck in Kim Min-jae’s pocket a week.

(Torino AFP = Yonhap News) Kim Min-jae (left) of Napoli blocks striker Matthias Soule of the opposing team during the away match against Juventus in the 31st round of Serie A held at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy on the 23rd (local time). On this day, Kim Min-jae played full-time as a starter, and the team ran to the top of the league with a 1-0 victory. 2023.04.24 Yonhap News
◇ Park Jae-hong> There is a theory that the annual salary is 8 billion won, so many people like to compare, so if Kim Min-jae goes to Manchester United, will he surpass Park Ji-sung? balance game.

◆ Han Jun-hee> That’s because he’s the vice-president of the Korea Football Association.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Is it something you cannot say as vice president?

◆ Han Jun-hee> You ask a very difficult question.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> It seems that Minjae Kim has risen to the point where the level of difficulty has increased.

◆ Han Jun-hee> So, the level of difficulty has increased. However, Kim Min-jae has not yet been confirmed to go to Manchester United, and he has not even played. Minjae Kim has to move to a club after Napoli and prove much more before he can reach the level of Jisung Park. There are so many things Park Ji-sung has shown before.

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Didn’t Napoli win the title after 33 years after Maradona before? But looking at it, I didn’t score much.

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> So it’s highly likely that it’s thanks to Kim Min-jae, so I thought, ‘Isn’t this a gukppong?’

◆ Han Joon-hee> By the way, isn’t gukppong Italian for Alberto?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Because most of them are Koreans.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Then I don’t think so either. So, when Min-jae Kim is now considered by many foreign critics to be the top 5 or top 7 defender in the world this season, if Min-jae Kim is left out, that critic will be a bit strange in the entire Italian league.

◇ Jaehong Park> 1st place?

◆ Han Jun-hee> 1st place is average. At least second place or higher. So maybe number 1. From my point of view, you have to win 1st place to get it right, and when you look at it that way, even if you look at the whole of Europe, it can really be counted among the five fingers. So, of course, there is a task for Kim Min-jae to maintain this form, but in any case, looking at this season alone, it is not so strange to call Kim Min-jae world-class.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> The physicality is amazing. He watched the video and he said that when he defends he does it with his upper body, not his lower body. When I tapped it with my lower body, the person just went round and fell.

◆ Han Jun-hee> He is famous as a so-called hexagonal player with great physical strength. Kim Min-jae is very versatile, so there is almost nothing he can’t do, and first of all, he is very fast.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> The speed is amazing.

◆ Han Jun-hee> It’s not easy to be fast at that size, but because he is fast, Kim Min-jae is actually a defender for big clubs. Because usually, don’t big clubs play a lot of games that take a lot of possession and go up to high areas and beat opponents? But then, inevitably, the back space is widened, so the defenders have to be very good at covering the back space, and to do that, they need to have speed. However, Kim Min-jae is inevitably for a big club, so you can see it like this.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Looking at the team, he was ranked 3rd in speed. beat the strikers.

◆ Han Jun-hee> That’s right.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Did Jin-nim do a lot of preliminary research?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Interest moved to Kim Min-jae.

◆ Han Joon-hee> Wouldn’t the soccer writings come from author Jin Joong-kwon?

◇ Park Jae-hong> Then, Vice President Han Jun-hee, can you make a direct phone call with Kim Min-jae?

◆ Junhee Han> It is not possible. (Laughter) I don’t know the phone number.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Your trust is suddenly dropping. Moving on to Lee Kang-in, Lee Kang-in is also really good at passing, and isn’t he doing really well with Mallorca’s current team? Can Lee Kang-in go to England too? Newcastle comes out and Atletico Madrid comes out. What will happen? Lee Kang-in?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Among the big clubs that have been named so far, I personally think that Manchester United has a high possibility, but in the case of Lee Kang-in, it is really ambiguous. But I will definitely transfer.

◇ Jaehong Park> This time?

◆ Han Jun-hee> It seems that there is no way you will stay in Mallorca. In fact, Lee Kang-in also did so well this season that he could be ranked as one of the top 10 midfielders in Spanish La Liga. It plays the same role as the main body of Mallorca, and now Mallorca is actually ranked higher than expected. I think Lee Kang-in’s contribution to this is enormous.

Since everyone is acknowledging that kind of performance now, I will definitely take Lee Kang-in as well. However, it is a bit unknown which club to take him to, but there is no doubt that Atletico Madrid is interested in Lee Kang-in. But now, whether or not Mallorca can meet the buyout set is also a bit of a variable, and among the English clubs, the Aston Villa you just mentioned came up and the Newcastle United came out.

Lee Kang-in is trying to break through in a friendly match between the Republic of Korea and the Uruguay national football team held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the evening of the 28th. Reporter Ryu Young-joo
◇ Park Jae-hong> Tottenham also came up.

◆ Han Jun-hee> The story of Tottenham came out recently, and even the story of Napoli, which has Kim Min-jae, recently came out of Lee Kang-in, but with this story alone, who will be the most sincere and approach with the most money? It’s still a bit difficult to know, so no matter what, Lee Kang-in will definitely move to a better place than he is now.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I think Lee Kang-in’s physical condition has improved considerably recently.

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right.

◇ Jaehong Park> Do you eat a lot of meat? Like when our Cha Bum-geun was in Germany?

◆ Han Jun-hee> I don’t know because I didn’t call. However, I think that the fact that Lee Kang-in’s physical has improved that much means that he has been working hard to compensate for his weaknesses.

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right. He is working tirelessly.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Lee Kang-in was actually a few years ago, but there were people who pointed out one or two weaknesses and pointed them out.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Didn’t Commissioner Han Joon-hee point this out?

◆ Han Jun-hee> I don’t know if I pointed out about 0.5 at the time, but looking at what he’s doing this season, Lee Kang-in can be seen as almost a hexagon. Now, it’s not that easy to pinpoint weaknesses.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Then, Kim Min-jae ranks 1st in the entire school, and Lee Kang-in ranks 10th in the entire school?

◆ Han Joon-hee> As a central midfielder, if you’re a bit limited, you’re in a position higher than 10th.

◇ Jaehong Park> Top 5 in the school?

◆ Han Jun-hee> However, if you look at the center and the sides, I think it will be enough to rank 10th in one Spanish league.

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right. I’m also curious about whether Lee Kang-in will be able to participate in the Asian Games, but what do you think?

◆ Han Jun-hee> That is, if Lee Kang-in transfers, I think he will have to negotiate well with the club from the beginning. Because the Asian Games competition still has its status as a comprehensive competition in Korea, but from the perspective of the soccer world, this is a bit close to a level that is hardly a competition in soccer, if I have to make a strong remark.

◇ Jaehong Park> So at the global level?

◆ Han Jun-hee> So in the standard of soccer. The Asian Games are not included in FIFA’s A-match calendar, basically. Therefore, Lee Kang-in will be able to participate in the Asian Games only when the club gives 100% understanding.

◇ Park Jae-hong> There is a military problem.

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. So, Lee Kang-in may have a chance at the Olympics later, but the odds of winning a gold medal in the Asian Games are probably higher than getting within the bronze medal in the Olympics.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Let’s talk about Son Heung-min. Because Son Heung-min’s team is not doing well these days, you can’t go to the Champions League next season, right?

◆ Han Jun-hee> You have to do it until the end to know. Since three or four teams and four or five teams are competing for the European stage right now, Tottenham has to go to the end and get the best result even if there are not many games left, but the Champions League is difficult now. The Champions League seems to only be able to challenge up to Liverpool now, and it’s a bit difficult, but here in Brighton or Aston Villa, Tottenham has to compete for the next tier competition, but Tottenham’s most urgent problem now is the director.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Director?

◆ Han Jun-hee> There is no so-called leader and no director. What Tottenham fans are a little worried about is that the squad needs to be strengthened and many things need to be fixed right now. There are a lot of people who express concerns about whether Tottenham is okay right now because there is no general manager and no manager in a situation where it could come out more in the summer, but I think Tottenham should start fixing that part quickly. .

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> In the case of Harry Kane, it’s almost confirmed that he’s leaving now, almost?

◆ Han Jun-hee> If I were Harry Kane, I would leave, just this time. If I were a Harry Kane player.

◇ Park Jae-hong> But because Harry Kane is the 2nd best scorer in the British league. who’s number one?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Alan Shearer.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Shearer, who played for Newcastle, is short of 60 goals, so he has to play for 2 or 3 more years and play here to remain in England to become the best goal scorer in England.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Realistically, don’t English clubs have a lot of money? So, if Harry Kane goes outside, it will be at the level of Lebamun that the fans say.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Lebamun?

◆ Han Jun-hee> So Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich. If it is not Lebamun, there is no reason for Harry Kane to go out, and in the end, there is a high probability that he will go to a club that has better circumstances than Tottenham, has a higher chance of winning than Tottenham, and spends better than Tottenham. I think maybe 9 out of 10 times I can stay in England and eventually break Shearer’s record.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Tottenham Levy said he would never send a league in England.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Of course, it is true that the position of Chairman Levy has also maintained that position, but will that be possible until the end… There are so many situations in the transfer market that you don’t know about.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Aren’t there other players? Please tell us about the current status of the Korean players in the Bundesliga.

◆ Han Jun-hee> In the Bundesliga, Lee Jae-seong, in particular, was actually born in 1992. However, Lee Jae-seong did well enough that this season could be considered the high season of his career. The two players I want to mention here are Hwang In-beom, who went to the Greek league. Maybe this summer, he won’t come to the big leagues somewhere. I mentioned that Kim Min-jae is the number one Serie A player, but Hwang In-beom is the number one midfielder in Greece.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Did you become number one in Greece?

◆ Han Joon-hee> The big leagues look quite promising because they became the first in the entire school, this summer. And now, finally, Oh Hyeon-gyu, our young forward-looking forward.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Celtic. The Granite City.

◆ Han Jun-hee> As soon as I went to Celtic, I won two gold medals. As soon as I went there, within a few months, I had already won the Scottish League Cup and even won the Scottish League, and scored a goal in the game that confirmed the league championship. Oh Hyun-gyu seems to be such a promising prospect that he will be given a little more time at Celtic from next season and has the potential to really give Klinsmann a pretty big boost.

◇ Park Jae-hong> I am with Han Joon-hee, vice president of the Korea Football Association. You are on a broadcast without a second blank, and now I think we should talk about our summer soccer game. It is said that there are many soccer festivals held this summer in Korea, but what kind of soccer party will be held?

◆ Han Jun-hee> First of all, as the vice president of the Korea Football Association, I would like to tell you the most important thing.

◇ Jaehong Park> Please tell me. Please communicate with the people.

◆ Han Joon-hee> On June 16th and 20th, two A-matches will be held in which coach Klinsman is aiming for the first win. Peru, ranked 21st in the FIFA rankings, is higher than us, Peru. And after that, I’m about 75th, and the match against El Salvador is waiting. A match is important.

And now, in a few days from May 21st, the U20 and Under-20 FIFA World Cup will be held. in Argentina. Our manager Kim Eun-joong and the players are currently in Argentina. And in late July, Australia. Australia and New Zealand host another FIFA Women’s World Cup. As the vice president of the Korea Football Association, I have to tell you first of all that our players have advanced to the finals, so there are two A matches in June, as well as the Under-20 World Cup and the Women’s World Cup. it will open

◇ Jaehong Park> Yes. Tottenham is coming too.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Am I not the Coupang Play commentator again? On July 27th and 30th Atletico Madrid and Manchester City and Team K League matches will be held on July 27th and 30th, and now on July 26th, 29th and August 1st Wolverhampton and Celtic Director Mourinho’s Roma visits Korea again, so a series of these teams and Incheon United will unfold.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Wolverhampton should have said a little about the bull Hwang Hee-chan.

◆ Han Jun-hee> I mentioned Celtic Oh Hyun-gyu a while ago. And Roma is a team with Jose Mourinho. But here again, Naples and Mallorca on June 8th. So with Kim Min-jae…

◇ Park Jae-hong> Lee Kang-in is coming.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Before Lee Kang-in leaves, these players’ contracts are until June 30th, usually. That’s why I think I caught this in June, but now there is no problem with the game on June 8th, but I have something I want to say. So, the organizers are trying to play the game on June 10th, but on June 10th, it is a little difficult to get approval because of the rules of the Korea Professional Football Federation and the Korea Football Association.

So on June 10th, K-League 1 matches are held. K-League 1 In fact, it is the basic rule of the federation and association to avoid other soccer events as much as possible on the days when such matches are held. So, only by solving this problem, it remains to be seen in the future whether Mallorca and Napoli, which will play on June 8, can play one more game or not.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> Then, is there a role for the vice president?

◆ Junhee Han> No, that’s another department dealing with this issue. It’s not my role.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Anyway,먹튀검증 can we see Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in face each other?

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. However, if there is a little problem during this period, it is actually the time for the players to go on vacation. Actually, right after the season ends, Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae face each other at this time, but I will say that there are some doubts about how much the Mallorca and Napoli players will risk their lives to fight.

◇ Park Jae-hong> I see. It’s amazing to see you talking like this without holding your breath. Even if I tell the listeners who listen to the radio in advance, I will tell you once again that you did not write down any of them, and you said the date you memorized them all. It was Han Jun-hee, vice president of the Korea Football Association, who succeeded in communicating with the people today. Thank you.

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