Kang Tae-seon, chairman of Black Yak, was elected president of the Seoul Sports Council… Gyeonggi-do Lee Won-seong re-elected

Kang Tae-seon (73), chairman of BYN Black Yak, was elected president of the Seoul Sports Council.

Chairman Kang won 177 votes (44.0%) out of 402 effective votes in the 35th (private 2nd term) Seoul Sports Council election held at Sejong University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 15th, defeating candidate Kim Bong-ju, who received 108 votes.

The competition rate for the election of the Seoul Sports Council was 6:1, and it was the most fierce with the Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City Sports Association among the 17 metropolitan sports president elections held at the same time across the country.

Chairman Kang’s major pledges include ▲securing stable finances ▲strengthening the status of Seoul sports through support for sports organizations ▲activating local district sports associations ▲normalizing school sports ▲creating sports infrastructure for sports in Seoul City ▲establishing a permanent operating organization in connection with the city and the Office of Education ▲hosting the 2036 Seoul Olympics contributions, etc.

In the election for the Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Council, which drew attention due to a bilateral confrontation, the current chairman Lee Won-seong succeeded in re-election.

Candidate Lee was elected with 256 votes (57.3%) out of 447 valid votes. Candidate Park Sang-hyun got 191 votes.

In addition to Seoul and Gyeonggi, the sports venues of 14 metropolitan municipalities across the country were also confirmed through elections that day.

▲Inhwa In-hwa, President of Busan Sports Association ▲Younggi Park, President of Daegu Metropolitan Sports Association ▲Kyu-saeng Lee, President of Incheon Metropolitan City Sports Association ▲Gap-soo Jeon, President of Gwangju Metropolitan City Sports Association ▲Seung-chan Lee, President of Daejeon Metropolitan City Sports Association ▲Cheol-wook Kim, President of Ulsan Metropolitan City Sports Association ▲Hee-gu Yang, President of Gangwon-do Sports Association ▲Hee-goo Yang, President of Chungcheongnam-do Sports Association ▲Kim Young-beom, Jeollabuk-do Sports president Jeong Gang-seon ▲ Jeollanam-do Sports Association president Song Jin-ho ▲ Gyeongsangbuk-do Sports Association president Kim Jeom-doo ▲ Gyeongsangnam-do Sports Association president Kim Oh-young ▲ Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Sports Council president Song Seung-cheon ▲ Sejong Special Self-governing City Oh Yeong-cheol were elected. 토토

Meanwhile, Chungcheongbuk-do Sports Council President Yoon Hyun-woo, the sole candidate, was decided as the elected person without a vote.

The term of office for each elected president of the Sports Council on this day is four years from the date of the regular general meeting in 2023 after approval by the Korea Sports Council.

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