Kim Byung-ji “Kim Min-jae will not be able to go to Europe and return to the K-League”

Kim Byeong-ji, a former member of the Korean national soccer team, looked at the junior Kim Min-jae’s trip to China with regretful eyes.

On the 29th, Kim Byung-ji said on a YouTube broadcast, “Kim Min-jae eventually moved to Guoan, Beijing. He said, “The higher the level of the league, the more I feel, and the faster I grow. China is somehow less (than the European leagues) in this area,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of advancing to Europe after living in China, Byungji Kim said, “It is difficult. In the meantime, many players have gone to China, but I have never seen a player who has succeeded in going to Europe.” “If Kim Min-jae’s team, Beijing Guoan, goes to Europe, there is a possibility that he will follow,” he added, “but other than that, isn’t it difficult?” 토토

Kim Min-jae concluded the contract with Beijing Guoan that day. Details of the contract are not known, but it is estimated that the transfer fee is about 6 million dollars (6.7 billion won) and the annual salary is 3 million dollars (3.3 billion won). Kim Min-jae said, “I really worried a lot before going to China. However, in the end there was no offer from Europe, and I felt that Beijing Guoan wanted me a lot, so I made the decision.” I will show more growth in China,” he said.