Kim Jin-young, who hit the decisive block, the reason why he still expressed regret

Let’s find more confidence by catching more blocks like last year.”

Chungnam National University won with a set score of 3-1 (30-28, 25-21, 25-22, 25-18) in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League Myongji University match held at Myongji University Jayeon Campus Gymnasium in Yongin on the 9th.

Kim Jin-young (2nd grade, MB, 195cm) led the team to victory by firmly guarding the center. He scored 12 points, including 4 blocks, and scored double digits. By winning 3 points, Chungnam National University narrowed the gap with Kyonggi University (5 wins, 2 losses, 15 points) in 4th place to 1 point.

After the game, Kim Jin-young said, “I am happy to have won 2 points and then 3 points while continuing to play 5 sets. I thought it would be difficult coming away, but I am happy that I was able to get all the points,” she said of her victory.

I played two full sets until the previous game, and went on an expedition from Daejeon to Yongin. However, “After the game, the coach gave the main players enough time to rest. Thanks to that, he was able to rest well while recovering his physical strength.”

Unfortunately, the performance in the first set did not come out well. Unlike other games, there were frequent mistakes, and breathing was also unstable. Despite getting the set point first, I gave up the set by giving points in a row in a deuce situation.

The player knew his unfortunate performance better than anyone else. Kim Jin-young said, “I didn’t feel well in the first set, so I made a lot of mistakes in serving and attacking안전놀이터. It was a pity that there were many rooms that could not be seen here. So he talked about reducing mistakes and focusing before entering the second set.”

Along with his concentration, his athleticism has also been revived. Kim Hyo-min (3rd grade, S, 180cm) also made a quick break while actively utilizing Kim Jin-young. “Hyomin and I have been matched setters since we first started playing volleyball. If it doesn’t fit, we can talk right away and fix it. It seems that our team practiced the B fast break more and naturally used it in the game.”

In particular, in the third set, Kim Jin-young led the game by capturing two blockings that decided the game. To date, she has built a blocking wall of 0.645 per set, but the player is not satisfied.

Kim Jin-young, who got a chance to play from a freshman last year, performed well in the 2022 U-League, catching more than 1.105 blocks per set, the only one.

Compared to his last year, the record was somewhat inferior, so Kim Jin-young was also training more. “Even if I think about it, it has fallen a lot compared to last year. He had a lot of regrets, so he usually thought a lot and was stressed a lot. Still, this game isn’t bad, so I’m going to train again while returning to the video to revive my senses.”

“I want to quickly find last year’s blocking form. Also, I hope to develop further in other areas, including offense.”

Lastly, Kim Jin-young said, “If you keep doing what you have always prepared for the game, the results will come out well. If I work hard without being conceited, I will be able to show a better performance than now.”

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