“Kim Yu-ri was happy, thanks to everyone”

A player we cheered for. It is the most suitable modifier for women’s professional volleyball GS Caltex middle blocker Kim Yu-ri (32). She did not represent the league, but she was loved by many for her unique cheerfulness and innocence. Yuri Kim marked the end of her 14 years of her professional career.

She ◆ decides to retire.

Since last year, the word ‘retirement’ came to mind. The biggest reason is injury. Kim Yu-ri said, “My knee was really bad. She said that no matter how much she rehabilitated, she would not be 100%,” she said. “The hospital did not even recommend surgery. She couldn’t stand on the court, and time passed by incessantly. She didn’t think she could stay on a pro team any longer,” she revealed.

Through the long tug-of-war with her injuries, her body and mind were exhausted. Kim Yu-ri said, “Rehabilitation is a fight with oneself. She felt apologetic because her teacher, who was helping her, had to keep pouring her attention on me,” she said. If her return was delayed, all of her plans went wrong, so it was difficult,” she said.

Even if she couldn’t play, she wanted to be a force for her team. Kim Yu-ri said, “I thought all I could do was pat my younger siblings from behind. She said things like ‘it’s okay’ and ‘try this next time’. She wanted to be helpful somehow,” she emphasized.

Her goal was to play volleyball by the age of 33. She did not complete the year and was stripped of her uniform. Kim Yu-ri said, “Many emotions came and went. “I didn’t feel good when I made the decision,” she said.

He delivered the retirement news and thoughts directly to his personal social network service (SNS) account. Kim Yu-ri said, “After posting, she contacted me a lot. Most of the content was ‘Are you okay?’ He said, “Friends who know me well say, ‘You will live well anywhere.’ Actually, I think so too,” she laughs.

She has not yet decided how to fill the second act of her life. Yu-ri Kim said, “I haven’t decided on anything. It is a difficult time,” she said.

◆Connected with volleyball

I started playing volleyball when I was in the 3rd year of middle school. The occasion is unique. late for school All of her other friends ran away, but only Kim Yu-ri, who had a laid-back personality, walked leisurely. The volleyball team coach who saw him said, ‘He’s unique. I’m tall,’ she suggested playing volleyball. Kim Yu-ri said, “Even after she entered the volleyball club, she was not particularly interested in volleyball. But she gave me snacks after exercise,” she said. “It was nice that she could eat chicken and bread every day. She was there and she was bewitched,” she recalled.

The path to becoming an athlete was not easy for her. He said, “I was a normal student, but she suddenly started exercising and it was difficult. He couldn’t even run a lap in the gym,” she said. “I wasn’t good at volleyball either. At least thanks to the snacks,” she laughed.

Kim Yu-ri, who did that, succeeded in entering her professional career. In the 2010-2011 season, she was nominated by Heungkuk Life Insurance in the second place in the first round. Kim Yu-ri said, “I was stunned. I thought she wouldn’t make it to the pro team because she has a short command line, but she was surprised,” she looked back.

She came out of Heungkuk Life Insurance after two seasons. She was hurt by her senior’s bullying. After she worked part-time at a convenience store, she joined the unemployment team. Contact from her professional team and colleagues continued. that she would come back. In the 2014-2015 season, she returned to the V-League as a member of IBK Industrial Bank. Kim Yu-ri said, “At first, she had no intention of going back to pro. She did, but she continued to look out for me, so I was very grateful,” she revealed.

During 11 seasons, he recorded 크크크벳977 points (37.66% attack success rate) and 259 blocks in 246 games. He had many days as a starter, but he also spent a lot of time in the warm-up zone. So he has something he wants to say to his juniors. Kim Yu-ri said, “It is not easy to become a main player. But it’s not like I don’t have a place forever,” he said. “Opportunities come to everyone. came to me too If you prepare steadily, you can definitely catch it,” he raised his voice.

I was so happy

I can’t forget February 5, 2021. Heungkuk Life Insurance was defeated by a set score of 3-0. After scoring 9 points (attack success rate 64.29%), he interviewed the first distinguished player in his life. GS Caltex players sat together in front of Yuri Kim during the interview. Yu-ri Kim also cried, and the team members also cried. It is talked about as an inspirational interview. GS Caltex still describes him as “the player we loved so much.”

Kim Yu-ri said, “I thought I would retire without being able to do a good interview. He’s not a high profile player and he doesn’t score much,” he said. “I was lucky. He was really happy throughout the interview,” he said with a smile. He said, “I don’t remember what I said at the time. I was so nervous that my eyes went white,” he said. “I couldn’t see the video properly because of tears. For some reason, my heart hurts when I see myself.”

Fans always stood by his side. Kim Yu-ri said, “Even though he couldn’t go to the game often, the fans cheered him on. I usually recognize him because he is tall (183 cm) when I go around, but he recognizes me even when I am sitting.” He said, “I have a friend named (Kim) Jae-won who supported me since elementary school and became a middle school student. He wrote me letters often, and I remember saying, ‘If it’s hard, you can take a break and then take a break.’ Thanks to that friend, I was able to endure it well.”

I want to remain in the hearts of fans as ‘Kim Yu-ri who smells like people’. Kim Yu-ri said, “I would be grateful if you remembered me as a player with good character and a true country. He always thought that volleyball was important, but he had to start with people.”

To everyone who has loved Kim Yu-ri in the meantime, Kim Yu-ri said, “Thank you for liking me. She said, “If you see me in the future, please don’t be surprised and greet me comfortably.”

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