Konkuk University captain Park Sang-woo, what is the bold dream he revealed?

Park Sang-woo (F, 194cm) played a role in the last minute of the game and led the team to victory.

Konkuk University Park Sang-woo recorded 7 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Dongguk University held at Dongguk University Seoul Campus Gymnasium on the 20th. His true value shined at the decisive moment. In the second half of the 4th quarter, when the opponent overturned the 13-point gap, he succeeded in a decisive 2-point shot. Thanks to Park Sang-woo’s performance, Konkuk University won 72-71.

Park Sang-woo, whom we met after the game, said, “I was able to win because the players on the court, bench members, and even the trainer cheered hard. Thanks to everyone following along well, the unity was good,” he said of his victory.

Park Sang-woo, who became a senior this year, wore the team captain armband. Is there a reason why he became the captain and not another senior colleague? Park Sang-woo gave a humble answer to this question.

He said, “(Choi) 안전놀이터Seung-bin is good at basketball, isn’t he? I’m not a standout player. I wonder if (the coaching staff) judged that he has the ability to take care of his teammates. Usually, I also acted as a bridge between the coach and the team members.”

Last year at Konkuk University, the outcome of the match was often influenced by Freddy’s physical condition. However, this season, Konkuk University has grown even more. The overall organizational power has also improved, and the individual skills of the team’s role players Cho Hwan-hee and Choi Seung-bin have also increased significantly. What’s the secret?

Park Sang-woo said, “After winter training in Jeju Island, I went to Japan for field training. At that time, Freddie could not be with us due to visa issues. He was very confused by the coach. However, ‘If you develop your skills one more level this time, Freddy will come in and the team will be able to grow further. Let’s take it well and do our best,’ he said. As the coach said, it seems that the team’s organizational power has improved even more after diligently digesting the field training and returning. I think it’s all thanks to the coach’s wisdom,” he explained.

Park Sang-woo talked about the goals he set during his final college season. He said, “As a team goal, we look at advancing to the playoffs. I want to have good results without any players getting hurt. My personal goal is to get nominated and advance to the pros as I am in the 4th year.”

Park Sang-woo, who took a break for a while, continued talking with his eyes sparkling. “I have a dream. I will play with my role model Choi Jun-yong on the court.” Let’s look forward to seeing if Park Sang-woo can enjoy the joy of standing on the court with his role model after reaping the beauty of this season.

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