Korean Air ahead of KB Insurance, when 1 point is added → 1st place in the regular league is confirmed early

 Can Korean Air secure first place in the early regular season?

Korean Air will face off against Dodram 2022-2023 V-League KB Insurance in round 6 at Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium on the 10th.

Korean Air, which is leading the league with 71 points, can secure first place in the regular league if it secures two or more sets on this day. Even if they lose after a full-set match, the result remains unchanged due to the set win-lose advantage with second-place Hyundai Capital. That means you only need to add 1 victory point.

The confrontation with second place Hyundai Capital on the 5th was a watershed. At the time, Korean Air was in a two-point chase with Hyundai Capital 메이저놀이터(66 points) with 68 points, but with a 3-0 shutout victory, the score gap widened even more.

Afterwards, Hyundai Capital lost to KEPCO the previous day (9th) and failed to secure points, losing the momentum to pursue Korean Air. Accordingly, Korean Air is aiming for an early confirmation of first place in the regular league regardless of the results of the remaining two games (Woori Card, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance) by winning the KB Insurance match.

If you rank first in the regular league, it is three consecutive seasons. From the 2020-2021 season to last season, Korean Air won the championship for two consecutive seasons, winning first place in the regular league as well as winning the championship.

Korean Air is playing the season under the direction of head coach Tommy Tilikhainen. As coach Tommy, who took the helm of Korean Air last season, he became the first foreign coach to rank first in the regular league for two consecutive seasons.

Korean Air ranked 1st in attack in the league (attack success rate 54.59%), 1st in fast attack (62.17%), 1st in serve (1.576 per set), 2nd in blocking (2.640 per set), 2nd in receiving (36.73% efficiency), etc. is ranked at the top of the rankings.

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