Korean Air defeated Panasonic 3-2 in a practice game during training camp in Japan… Espejo scored 20 points

 Korean Air won a practice game during training camp in Japan. 

Korean Air won with a set score of 3-2 (27-25, 17-25, 25-23, 12-25, 20-25, 15-12) in a practice match against Panasonic Panthers held at the Panasonic Arena in Osaka, Japan on the 12th. did.

Panasonic participated as an overseas invited team in the 2023 Gumi/Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament held in Gumi last August, and showed its potential by reaching the semifinals.

In preparation for the 19th Hangzhou Summer Asian Games, Korean Air selected as many as six players, including Han Seon-su, Kim Gyu-min, Kim Min-jae, Jeong Ji-seok, Jeong Han-yong, and Lim Dong-hyuk, to the national team. 

Panasonic was in a similar situation. For the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics qualifiers, six players, including captains Akihiro Yamauchi, Yuji Nishida, and Tomohiro Yamamoto, were temporarily absent due to being selected for the national team.

The lineups for both teams were almost similar to the KOVO Cup held last August. Meanwhile, Lincoln Williams and Mark Espejo joined Korean Air, and in this game, Espejo alternated between aposite and outside hitter.

In this game, Espejo scored the most points in the team for Korean Air with 20 points. The serve was especially effective. In addition, three players scored in double digits, with Kwak Seung-seok scoring 14 points and Lee Soo-hwang scoring 10 points in the center.

In a situation where they were behind by one set, they tied the game with consecutive serve points and succeeded in turning the tables around, and in this game, they took three serve points and broke down Panasonic’s receiving.

Meanwhile, Panasonic’s outside hitter Tarumi Yuga, who left a strong impression in the KOVO Cup, scored 20 points and showed pure play with an attack success rate of 76% and efficiency of 72%. He continued receiving, boasting high elasticity, and accumulating points.

Here, Apogee Kunihiro Shimizu scored 15 points, and outside hitter Takahiro Imamura and middle blocker Yasunari Kodama scored 11 points each.메이저놀이터

Panasonic was strong in counterattack situations. If the offensive situation was not perfectly created, a rebound play using the opposing blocker created another scoring opportunity, and this play often resulted in a score. In addition, the game was played by breaking down the Korean Air defense line with repeated attacks.

Meanwhile, Korean Air and Panasonic will have their second friendly match on the 13th. Korean Air, which returns home on flight KE2118 on the 14th, will hold a friendly match with the Finnish men’s volleyball team from the 22nd to the 28th and continue to exchange with overseas volleyball teams.

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