Lee Min-seong, who remembers his PO defeat 2 years ago, “I will wash away the pain of the fans”

 Daejeon Hana Citizen coach Lee Min-seong pledged revenge, saying that he did not forget the defeat he suffered against Gangwon FC in the 2021 promotion playoffs.

Daejeon will play the first round of the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 against Gangwon at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 26th.

The two teams had a bad relationship in the last 2021 promotion playoffs.

Gangwon took a 4-1 lead in the second game of the playoffs held at home and took a 4-2 lead in the combined score of the first and second games, defeating Daejeon and succeeding in remaining in the K League 1.

In the game at the time, controversy arose because Gangwon’s ball boys deliberately spent time, such as deliberately delivering the ball late into the field.

Daejeon managed to get promoted last season after spending another year in the K-League 2.

Daejeon head coach Lee Min-seong, who returned to K-League 1 after 8 years, said before the game, “After a long wait, we returned to K-League 1. We prepared for fans to wash away the pain they suffered in 2021.” I ordered him to play more calmly and calmly,” he said.

Coach Lee Min-seong put forward Anton, a defender recruited ahead of the season opener, and Leandro, who was concentrating on recovering from injury, as starting pitchers to win the opening match.

Coach Lee explained the reason for Leandro’s selection, saying, “It was surprisingly fast for Leandro to recover.메이저놀이터

He added, “Anton prepared for the season by building his body for a period similar to that of the team. Also, he continued to play in the Polish league and made himself in good shape to play.”

He also thoroughly prepared for his opponent. Gangwon has two of the hottest wingers in the K-League last season, Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-joon. Kim Dae-won scored 10-10 with 12 goals and 13 assists, and Yang Hyun-joon recorded 8 points and 4 assists and won the Young Player Award.

Coach Lee said, “I recognized the attackers on both sides of Gangwon as key players and prepared for the game. Dae-Won Kim coached the team during the Olympic team in the past, and I prepared for shooting by coming from the side to the center.”

Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo, who is facing Daejeon, did not relax his guard, saying, “Daejeon is not a team to be underestimated. In particular, Willian and Thiago, who are at the forefront, are competitive enough in K-League 1. It will not be easy to block them.”

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