Long-term contracts of 13 and 14 years are a ‘double-edged sword’, but the reason why it became an MLB trend

Recently, news of high-priced long-term contracts in the major leagues has been heard one after another.

The San Francisco Giants signed a 13-year, $350 million contract with free agent infielder Carlos Correa on the 14th (Korean time). Earlier on the 6th, infielder Trey Turner signed an 11-year, $300 million free agent contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. On the 8th, another infielder, Zander Bogaerts, also went to the San Diego Padres for 11 years and 280 million dollars. 토토

Major League transfer information site ‘Trade Rumors’ introduced on the 16th that “long-term contracts are in vogue.” “Correa’s contract is the largest ever for a shortstop in terms of value, but his annual average of $26.92 million was far below the expected $32 million, and he did not even make it into the top 25 MLB contracts. He was guaranteed more total at the expense of average salary.” Explained.

The site analyzed, “Behind the long-term contract, there are ‘sanctions’ that clubs want to avoid. Even if the total amount is similar, the concept of ‘installment’ lowers the annual salary burden.

According to ‘Roster Resources’, the total annual salary of San Francisco’s 2023 team, which recruited Correa, is about $190 million, which is less than the standard amount of $206 million for levying the luxury tax. If Correa received an additional $5 million a year, as the site predicted, it would risk coming closer to the luxury tax.