Man who fell at Burger King gets 10 billion in compensation

A customer who slipped and fell at a Burger King restaurant has won a $7.68 million lawsuit against the fast food chain.

A Florida court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Richard Tulecki, 48, in his lawsuit against Burger King, according to CBS, the New York Post, and others.

In July 2019, Tulecki was visiting a Burger King location in Florida when he slipped on a wet foreign object on the floor and fell, severely injuring his back.

He underwent surgery, but the side effects of the procedure made his condition worse, including a perforation in his colon.

In January 2021, Tulecki filed a lawsuit against Burger King for damages, claiming the company “failed to ensure the safety of its premises.”

The jury that heard the case found the franchisee메이저놀이터 solely responsible.

The jury found in favor of the plaintiff, stating, “Burger King is required to pay Mr. Tulecki a total of $7.68 million in damages, including lost earnings and medical expenses.”

Richard Turecki’s family and attorneys

“Burger King’s insurer had previously offered $200,000 in compensation,” Tulecki’s lawyers said in a statement, “and while no verdict will undo the damage, it will provide him and his family with the resources to move forward.”

Meanwhile, Burger King is reportedly appealing the verdict, claiming it is excessive.

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