Manager Kim, who was stuck on a part-time job for delivery, “How is it?”… big company knife

Major affiliates of SK Group , the second largest 토토사이트in the business world, have started to establish work discipline. It is interpreted as a measure to renew the atmosphere that has been disturbed while working from home during the Corona 19 period. According to an SK

Group official on the 22nd , information and communication technology ( ICT )-related company A recently imposed severe penalties, including dismissal and dismissal, for close to 20 executives and employees. This is a measure for violating service regulations, such as using a corporate card for personal use or leaving work immediately after reporting that he is going on a business trip. The official said, “As a result of the investigation, some employees’ work discipline was lax enough to say that side jobs such as part-time jobs are basic.”

Company B, another affiliate, also recently imposed heavy disciplinary action on about 10 executives and employees. In this company, it is said that during the Corona 19 telecommuting period, there were many cases of ‘doing something else’ using working hours. Attending graduate school classes during work hours was at least considered aegyo. It is said that there were quite a few cases of playing golf or preparing to obtain a license during work hours.

In energy-related company C, employees were caught openly doing side jobs during the day. There was also a case where he worked as a rider for a delivery company. It is said that there were not a few cases in which some of those who were caught asked the audit staff and others, “What does it have to do with (related to two jobs),” and the officials were embarrassed.

Given this situation, SK’s major affiliates are sharing related cases and improving the working atmosphere. Blocking disputes related to sexual harassment is also part of working discipline. Most affiliates, including SK Innovation, are adopting the ‘one strike out’ policy in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace. Even if the victim does not want to be punished. In places such as karaoke rooms, the use of corporate cards is completely blocked.

The same goes for overseas operations. SK On is expanding ethical management for overseas subsidiaries by establishing an online system that supports foreign languages ​​as overseas business sites such as Georgia in the United States have increased significantly.In the business world, in line with the economic downturn, it is predicted that stricter work discipline will spread not only to SK but also to other conglomerates. In fact, Korea Aerospace Industries ( KAI ) recently requested the prosecution to investigate former and current executives and employees on charges of breach of trust of 10 billion won. A KAI official said, “After recognizing the incident, we took action in accordance with legal procedures.”

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