Mets ‘Flex’ is crazy… “Team can be operated only with luxury tax fines”

The New York Mets, who failed to rank first in the district after winning 101 wins, are eagerly awaiting next year’s season. Based on the powerful financial power of owner Steve Cohen, he poured an unprecedented amount of money into player recruitment. The luxury tax limit has already been exceeded. It’s enough to build a team with just fines.

The Athletic, an American sports media outlet, said on the 13th (Korean time), “The only thing higher than the Mets’ annual salary total next year will be one expectation,” and expressed, “Cohen’s Mets have already entered uncharted territory.” At the same time, the results of the Mets’ ‘Flex’ were summarized as follows.

The Mets added 11 new players to the roster this winter through new free agency acquisitions (Justin Verlander, Senga Godai, etc.), new contracts (Edwin Dias, Brandon Nemo) or trades or options. Their combined average annual income is $144.7 million. The sum of their annual average earnings is more than the total expected annual salary for 15 clubs in 2023.

At this point, the Mets’ total salary for next year (including all remaining salaries including Robinson Cano) is estimated at $345 million. Total annual spending, including luxury tax fines, is about $420 million.

Major League history has also changed. The Mets far exceeded the previous record of about $300 million in annual salary. The Yankees’ $250 million is second only to the Mets in next season’s projections. Almost $100 million less than the Mets. 토토

In addition, according to the media, the Mets will have to pay 90% of the excess in excess of $293 million, the highest level of the luxury tax standard. That amounts to $75 million. The Mets’ luxury tax fine alone could run a team. The total annual salary of the six clubs this year was under $75 million.

Meanwhile, the Mets finished second in the East Division of the National League despite going 101-61 this year, behind the Atlanta Braves. After maintaining first place until the end of the season, the ranking changed as they gave up all of their last three games with Atlanta. As the tiebreaker for regular season rankings was abolished from this year, the last chance also disappeared.

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