Minor refusal → FA declaration, KBO reverse export that was released again… It is also difficult to return to Korea.

Darin Ruff (37), who was the RBI kingpin in the KBO League and played an active part in the major leagues, was released again. He was free again a month after returning to the San Francisco Giants. 

On the 14th (hereafter Korean time), San Francisco solved the first baseman rough with free agency. After the transfer nomination (DFA) was processed on the 10th, the desired team did not come out during the waiver period. In this case, it is either transferred to the minor leagues or completely released. Players with more than three years of service time in the major leagues have the right to refuse a transfer to the minor leagues. Ruff returned to the market as a free agent after refusing to go to the minors. 

Ruff, who was DFA from the New York Mets on March 28, underwent a complete release procedure in six days. Later, on the 9th of last month, he made a comeback to his parent team by signing a minor league contract with San Francisco as a free agent. When the team made a U-turn to the major leagues in 2020, the team moved to카지노사이트 San Francisco, where Ruff became a key player, and before last season, he signed a multi-year contract with a two-year guarantee of $6.25 million. 

He returned to San Francisco full of fond memories, but the joy was short-lived. He received a call-up to the major leagues four days after his contract and posted a . He had also struggled with the same area injury while with the Mets. 

He played 5 games for the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats from the 3rd, but ended with a release instead of a call-up. He was released twice in a month and a half, and his position in the major leagues became obscure. 

If so, will we be able to see the rough again in Korea? Ruff was a member of the Samsung Lions in the KBO League from 2017 to 2019, and played an active role in 404 games for three years with a batting average of 301 3, 467 hits, 86 homers, 350 RBIs and OPS .968. He showed decisiveness with the most RBIs in the league for three years, including becoming the RBI king (124 points) in 2017. 

Although he is a proven hitter, it is unlikely that Ruff will return to Korea for now. After the 2019 season, Samsung tried to renew the contract with Ruff, but the negotiations failed, and Samsung holds the right to hold it. The retention right is in effect for 5 years. Samsung holds the right to hold until 2024. Until this time, Samsung must bring the rough back or release the reservation so that it can go to another team in the KBO League. 

For Samsung, Jose Pirella has been active as a filial foreign hitter for three years, so there is no need to bring a rough. Even if other teams are interested in the ruff, the retention issue needs to be resolved. Even with the hold lifted, not many teams would be interested in Ruff. At 37 years old this year, he is old, and since last year, he has repeatedly suffered injuries such as his neck and wrist, and his physical condition is also questioned. It is doubtful whether he will be able to show the same image as he did in his heyday. 

If Ruff continues his playing career, he will eventually only have a minor league contract. This year’s annual salary of $3.5 million is being preserved by the Mets, so teams that want a rough can pay the minimum annual salary according to the number of days left in the season. no financial burden It is worth considering the rough for a team that lacks a right-handed hitter.

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