Modern pentathlon Park Woo-jin wins the Haenam Korea Open and the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Park Woo-jin (Incheon City Sports Association) participated in the ‘2023 Haenam Korea Open International Competition and the 34th National Modern Pentathlon Competition under the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ and was honored with three crowns.토토사이트

Park Woo-jin took first place in the individual and team events in the men’s general division at the tournament held on the 12th at Wooseul Sports Park in Haenam, Jeollanam-do.

Park Woo-jin, who won 39 victories in fencing and came in 3rd place, recorded a record of 2:03.22 in swimming and 10:51.52 in laser run (shooting and land), earning a total score of 1,203 points, and Song Joon-min (Chungnam, 1,000) 196 points) by 7 points and won the gold medal in the individual event.

In addition, Park Woo-jin teamed up with Kim Seung-jin (Incheon City Sports Association, 1,189 points) and Lee Woo-jin, who recorded 3rd place individually, and scored 717 points (2nd place) in fencing, 917 points (2nd place) in swimming, and 1931 points (1st place) in laser running. With an overall score of 3,565 points, they took first place in the team event, beating Chungnam, which scored 3,522 points.

With this, Park Woo-jin started with the individual exhibition (1,203 points) at the international competition and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s national modern pentathlon competition, and won three gold medals in the team competition (3,565 points).

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