“My body and mind are not ready”… 116.8 billion striker, no return for the time being

When will Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho (22) return?

According to the British media’Daily Mail’ on the 13th (Korean time), Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag mentioned the timing of Sancho’s return.

“I don’t think he’ll be back this week. I hope he’ll be back as soon as possible, but I can’t predict when. Sometimes you have a bad health and a bad mood, and you don’t know what’s causing it,” he said. .

“He’s in a mentally and physically difficult situation right now,” he added.

Sancho was the biggest word in the European football transfer market during his time at Dortmund. He topped the German Bundesliga in goals and assists. Not just Manchester United, but big clubs lined up to see Sancho. Manchester United won the scouting battle and succeeded in bringing Sancho for a transfer fee of 73 million pounds (approximately 116.8 billion won).

However, after joining Manchester United, there was no presence. He has 3 goals and 1 assist in 14 games this season. Criticism of Sancho is growing among Manchester United fans.

He was also shunned by the England national team. Coach Gareth Southgate has removed Sancho’s name from the final list for the England national team to take to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The shock Sancho received was great. He was England’s top prospect just two years ago. He was expected to participate in the World Cup, but it was not a reality. 토토

Manchester United are training in Spain. He is awakening a sense of the game through practice matches with players who did not participate in the World Cup. Sancho was absent from this training. The media said, “Coach Ten Hag advised Sancho to go through a personal training program to improve his stamina.”

“I have spoken with Sancho several times. He is not healthy enough to be in Spain,” said Ten Hag.

Also, “There are times when the performance goes down, and there are times when we don’t know what the cause is. We are studying, working hard and trying to get the performance back.” Yes. It happened to Sancho,” he regretted.

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