NC Park Min-woo “I want to find my past heyday… The goal of winning the Golden Glove again”

Correspondent Moon Dae-hyeon = Infielder Park Min-woo (30), who signed a long-term free agent contract with the original team NC Dinos at the end of last year and reserved a ‘one-club man’, predicted a rebound in the new season.토토사이트

Park Min-woo, who joined NC as a founding member in 2012, recorded a batting average of 30% for six consecutive years from 2015 to 2020, and recorded double-digit steals for 9 consecutive years from 2014 to last year, leaping to the top second baseman in the league.

In the process, he tasted the combined victory in 2020 and even wore a Taegeuk mark at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

He didn’t just walk the solid road. In July 2021, he was greatly criticized for violating the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) quarantine rules and drinking alcohol at the expedition accommodation with Park Seok-min, Lee Myung-gi, and Kwon Hee-dong of the same team.

Afterwards, he was suspended for 72 games by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and 25 games by the club, and returned only in May of last year, but he could not show his skills as before.

Park Min-woo qualified for free agency after the 2022 season. Contrary to expectations, the NC club highly valued Park Min-woo’s contributions to the team so far, giving him a contract with a contract period of 8 years (5+3 years) and a total of up to 14 billion won.

Entering his first spring camp after his big contract, Park Min-woo is working hard to become a player worthy of his ransom.

Park Min-woo, who met at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 21st (local time), said, “I haven’t had an overseas camp for two years because of Corona 19, but it’s nice to come back. I’m building good teamwork with good players in a good facility.”

“I have a lot of responsibility for the club’s high evaluation of my value,” he emphasized.

During the last Stove League period, as key players such as Noh Jin-hyuk (Lotte Giants), Won Jong-hyun (Kiwoom Heroes), and Yang Eui-ji (Doosan Bears) were left out, NC is concerned about weakening its power.

However, Park Min-woo believes that young players will fill the vacancy of the existing players.

Park Min-woo said, “I miss the times when I had good results with the former members, but it is also good to make memories with the current players.” . I think it will work out,” he said.

In particular, expectations are high for third-year shortstop Kim Joo-won. Park Min-woo said, “He is a good player not only in terms of basic air defense but also in terms of mentality.

Park Min-woo was selected for the national team consecutively from the 2017 Asian Professional Baseball Championship to the 2018 Asian Games, 2019 Premier 12, and 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but was not included in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) roster.

Regarding this, he said, “The national team is basically a goal I always have in my heart. But I can’t help it because I haven’t been good at baseball recently.” No. I will do well again and aim for the national team.”

Park Min-woo’s goal this year is to regain his former heyday skills. Park Min-woo’s career high batting average was 0.363 recorded in 2017.

Park Min-woo explained, “I haven’t set a specific figure, but I’m preparing to get good grades while talking with coach (Ji-man Song).”

He said, “I want to go back to my past self and go to the Golden Gloves ceremony proudly. I received two Golden Gloves, and I want to receive them again.” I will definitely do well this year,” he promised.

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