‘Netherlands WBC national team’ Jansen “Only participates in the finals”

Kenley Jansen (36, Boston Red Sox) of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Dutch national team will miss the first and second rounds of the finals.카지노사이트

Jansen announced on the 16th (Korean time) that he would play if the Netherlands advanced to the final round.

Jansen’s decision is related to the new rules of Major League Baseball (MLB) that will be applied from this year. Because it takes time to prepare.

MLB introduced a so-called ‘pitch clock’ that limits pitching time to shorten game time from this year. Pitchers are required to complete the pitch preparation motion on the mound within 15 seconds if there are no runners and 20 seconds if there are runners. In case of violation, a ball is declared.

Jansen belongs to the type of person who takes a long time to prepare pitches even in the big leagues.

According to local media outlets in the United States, Jansen’s pitching interval last year averaged 25.6 seconds, which was the third slowest among all pitcher

In response, Jansen said, “I want to focus on preparing for ‘Pitch Clock'” and expressed his intention to participate conditionally for the WBC team.

It is also an important year for me personally. This is because it is the first year after moving to Boston, and the achievement of 400 saves in the big leagues is just around the corner.

Jansen recorded 42 wins (28 losses) and 391 saves with a 2.46 ERA in 766 major league games.

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