NH, 7th consecutive win. Jaeho Cho, Mamincalm, Hyunwoo Kim, Bomi Kim 1 win each – Team League 5R

On the first day of the ‘2022 PBA Team League Round 5’ that started on the 19th (Gwangmyeong Take Hotel), NH defeated TS 4-3 after a close match in a full set.

NH’s Cho Jae-ho defeated Kim Jong-won 15:14 in the southern singles vanguard match in the third set and took a 2-1 lead. Kim Jong-won was able to win by scoring 14 points first, but missed the not-too-difficult ball twice, causing defeat.

Maminkam defeated Lim Seong-gyun 11:3. Maminkam threw the first two innings empty, but scored 2-1-5-3 in the next four innings. 토토

Kim Hyun-woo finished the game in 4 innings with two 3 consecutive hits and 5 consecutive hits in the 7th set where the win or loss depended. TS’ Kim Im-kwon hit 6 consecutive hits in 4 innings, but it was too late.

In the LPBA semifinals, Kim Bo-mi lost to Lee Mi-rae in women’s singles in the 6th set, but she won the women’s doubles in the 2nd set, paving the way for victory.

She was paired with Kim Min-ah and she defeated Lee Mi-rae-Yong Hyun-ji 9:7.

NH recorded a 7-game winning streak from the 2nd game of the 4th round to the 1st game of the 5th round that day, and continues to lead.