Oh Ji-hwan of LG, a netizen with malicious comments, is acquitted

 A netizen who posted malicious comments to Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins was acquitted in the first trial.

On the 16th, chief judge Min Seong-cheol of the 3rd criminal division of the Seoul Eastern District Court acquitted Mr. A, who was accused of insulting Oh Ji-hwan.온라인카지노

In August 2018, Mr. A commented on an article titled “Oh Ji-hwan’s entry into the Asian Games, what’s the problem?” posted on an Internet portal site, saying “Military service evader Oh 00 deserves to be arrested as a red-handed criminal.”

The judge said, “There is room to see that the part where Mr. Oh is marked as 00 contains an expression that can be regarded as insulting to Mr. Oh. Mr. A’s comment is an expression of a negative opinion on a series of behaviors related to Mr. Oh’s military service. Even if the expression is somewhat harsh, it cannot be seen as out of the social norm, so it is reasonable to believe that Mr. A’s comments are illegal.”

“In the case of Korea, the Asian Games baseball team is composed mainly of professional players, but Japan, which competes for the gold medal in the Asian Games, does not have professional baseball players, and Taiwan is generally evaluated that the level is not higher than the Korean professional league. “Therefore, there was a critical public opinion that they were using the Asian Games to solve the military service problem, because if they won a gold medal at the Asian Games, they could be exempted from military service relatively easily.”

Oh Ji-hwan was prepared to enlist in active duty and gave up support for commercial affairs, and was selected for the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games team in 2018 and received military service exemption. Since then, an amendment to the Military Service Act has been proposed to block cases of receiving exceptions for military service for participating in only one Asian Games, as in the case of Oh Ji-hwan and Park Hae-min of the Samsung Lions.

The judge said, “The expression “deserving of arrest” should be seen as a rhetorical exaggeration that emphasizes Oh’s critical opinion on his attitude toward military service, considering the contents of the article and comments in the text. There is, but looking at the overall context, it is difficult to see that it is against social norms or that it should be subject to criminal punishment, given that it was used while expressing negative opinions.”

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