Park Chan-ho and the 2023 WBC national team, reborn as illustrations

In commemoration of the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), KBS vividly portrayed the Korean baseball team players as well as the commentators Park Chan-ho X Park Yong-taek and Kim Gu-ra X Kim Tae-gyun X Yoon Seok-min, who will be in charge of the ‘pre-show’, with digital art.

Digital artist Park Seung-woo안전놀이터 (KAZE PARK, Kaze Park)’s art collaboration work ‘With one mind’ presented with KBS includes 30 Korean national team starting players, coach Lee Kang-cheol, and Park Chan-ho, Park Yong-taek, and Kim Tae-gyun, who are broadcasting on KBS. The appearance of Yoon Seok-min X Kim Gu-ra was included. Along with the title of WBCXKBS, commentator Park Chan-ho is located in the center as the first major leaguer in Korean baseball, showing the meaning of the starting point of Korean baseball. Behind commentator Park Chan-ho, Park Yong-taek, Kim Gura, Kim Tae-gyun, and Yoon Seok-min, Tokyo Dome, the site of the WBC preliminaries, and 30 Korean baseball teams actively participating in the game in national team uniforms were drawn.

Writer Park Seung-woo said, “From the beginning, I decided on the title ‘With one mind’ and worked on it.” I wanted to incorporate not only the energy of the players, but also the energy of the commentators who will be in charge of broadcasting the WBC at KBS in one work.”

Park Seung-woo’s digital art is used not only in this poster, but also in the game relay. KBS plans to produce each illustration of the Korean baseball team players expressed in the ‘With one mind’ work and release it along with the WBC relay broadcast. KBS’s WBC broadcast featuring illustrations of athletes and commentators is expected to be a differentiated broadcast that has never been seen before. Artist Park Seung-woo said, “I hope that this project, which expresses the Korean baseball team in a new way of digital art, will approach a new form of freshness that has not been seen in existing media.”

The 2023 WBC Korean baseball team will start the tournament on March 9th (Thursday) at 12:00 noon with the first qualifying match against Australia. At KBS, commentators Park Chan-ho, Park Yong-taek, and caster Lee Gwang-yong take charge of the on-site relay, and broadcasters Kim Gu-ra, Kim Tae-gyun and Yoon Seok-min appear in the ‘WBC Pre-Show’, which airs at 10:40 am before the game.

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