Park Ji-hyun in pure white, a ‘changed face’ that surprised everyone… National Tour ‘Political Movement’

The ‘changed’ face of Park Ji-hyun, former head of the emergency committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, who has recently toured the country and continues active communication and politics with supporters, is attracting attention.

On the 13th, Park Ji-hyun, former chairman of the Brigade Committee, posted a ‘review of her national tour book talk Incheon edition’ with several photos on her Facebook page안전놀이터.

In the published photo, former Chairman Park caught attention by wearing a pure white suit, unlike his casual attire. In addition, her previous childish appearance disappeared and showed a mature appearance, which surprised many netizens.

In the post, former Chairman Park said, “It was an Incheon book talk event that I was excited about for two hours with the enthusiastic participation of Incheon citizens,” adding, “Most of the participants actively gave good opinions.”

“I heard touching greetings from civic groups who support me and are active in Incheon,” he said. “I posted the contents of communication with supporters at the Go Book Talk event.

It was found that former Chairman Park had conversations with his supporters on two main topics. ‘I like Incheon because it’s ○○○○○’, ‘I want to live in Incheon, where there is △△△△△’, etc.

In particular, he said, ‘Openly QnA_Questions asked by citizens to Park Ji-hyeon’ I wrote a corner. Questions and answers from citizens are as follows: In response to the question, ‘I hear that politics is low, what is Team Park Ji-hyun’s breakthrough technique or weapon?’ It was said that only ‘alcohol’ remains for most of today’s institutional politicians.” “It is important to establish the principle that if the process is not justified in making a choice, if it hurts and harms someone, you should not do it,” he said. I think it seems that being friends with each other and doing fun activities is the driving force for being together.”

When a citizen asked, ‘What kind of person do you want to be remembered in the future?’, Park replied, “I will be remembered as ‘a person who tried to save someone, a person who made an effort to make a difference, and a person who eventually made a change’. I want to,” he replied.

To the question, ‘What do you think is the criterion of a good politician?’ I think he is a politician.” In response to the question, ‘Will there ever come a day when women can live safely?’ Park said, “I can never create such a world by myself. A society in which women are safe is, after all, a society in which men are safe, and we are all safe. “Isn’t it?” he replied, “I hope that we will create a safe society together with the belief that a world where women can live safely will come.”

Lastly, former Chairman Park also mentioned two questions he asked the citizens. The first is ‘What do you think is the most urgent issue that politics needs to address right now?’, and the second is ‘If you do not elect the Democratic Party in next year’s general election, why?’ etc.

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