‘Park Ji-sung’s Mosquito Era’ Berbatov, “Who will forget the match he played with Pirlo”

Dimitar Berbatov recalled Park Ji-sung’s match as a mosquito during his time at Manchester United.

The YouTube channel ‘Shoot for Love’ released the content filmed with Berbatov, and the story of Park Ji-sung came out.

When Berbatov heard the host’s comment, “I also filmed with Park Ji-sung,” he said, “I miss you. It’s been so long since we haven’t met. He was a really good player. You can run all week. He also scored goals at important moments.”

Park Ji-sung was given the role of blocking Andrea Pirlo in the 2009/10 season Champions League match against AC Milan during his time at Manchester United, and he chased and marked closely.

At the time, AC Milan couldn’t show much like this as Pirlo was tied up, and Man United advanced to the quarterfinals.

Park Ji-sung’s athletic performance based on his vigorous activity was famous. In his autobiography, Pirlo even stuck out his tongue, saying, “It was like a mosquito.” 토토

Berbatov said, “Who will forget the game (Park) Ji-seong played against Pirlo. He applauded, saying, “Isn’t he not playing properly?”

Berbatov was known for his graceful first touch. After that, he even scored a goal. Because of this, he even has the nickname Count.

Regarding this, “You have to start with control from a young age. After that, he just needs to learn how to move with the ball. 90% of the balls don’t come the way you want, so you always have to think and move.”