Police What’s wrong with this… Controversy over female officer who broadcasted radio with medical certificate on physical examination day

An interview of a female police officer who went on a public radio broadcast without taking a physical fitness test has gone viral, sparking controversy메이저놀이터. The recent spate of police sexual misconduct controversies has prompted National Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun to issue an emergency warning, but there have been problems everywhere since, leading to criticism that organizational discipline has been broken.

On May 28, a post titled ‘Who listened to the dreaded Cult to Show’ was posted on the online community Fem Korea.

The post shared a recording of an actual interview from the “May 26 Dusi Escape Cult Show” along with a blind post from an office worker on the anonymous app Blind, allegedly written by a police officer. According to the post, on May 26, a female police officer reportedly attended a public broadcast of the radio program after failing to submit a medical certificate for a physical fitness test. The blind post has since been deleted.

The host introduced the female police officer by saying, “Today is the day of the physical fitness test at the company, and she came to the broadcast with a medical certificate.” The host then asked, “What kind of company does she work for and why does she have to take a physical?” The female police officer replied, “A police official.”

When the host then asked, “Is it okay for a police officer to lie and come here with a fake medical certificate,” the officer laughed out loud, saying, “I’m a little sick.”

In the meantime, a post was posted on Blind titled, “Is this a true story of a female police officer who listened to yesterday’s Cultu Show on sick leave?”.

The author, presumably a police officer, said, “I was listening to the radio in real time and was shocked.” The post read, “A class that proudly announces that they are police officers on a radio broadcast heard by the entire nation, then submits a medical certificate and brags that they came to watch Cultwo Show.”

“It’s bad enough to get a false medical certificate to be exempted from a physical examination, but to use it to take a sick leave and listen to the show, this should be inspected,” and “This crosses the line,” the commenters wrote.

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