Priest of the Priests’ Association for Justice “Those without desire, throw stones at Kim Nam-guk”

Father Ji Seong-yong, a member of the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, came out to defend Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who recently left the Democratic Party. He also strongly criticized Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Han-gyu, calling him an “X-man,” for proposing a bill to include virtual assets such as coins in the property registration of public officials.

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Father Ji said, “Kim Nam-guk did not break the law,” and “I just invested with my own money and is known as a thrifty person. Starting with the case of Tae Young-ho, we are trying to recover public opinion about the humiliating diplomacy against Japan.”

He also said, “Just in time, Kim Han-kyu카지노사이트, a tall man from Kim & Chang, proposes a virtual asset reporting bill,” and “It is strange.

He added, “It is doubtful whether Kim Han-kyu was an X-man hiding in the Blue House armband.”

Rep. Kim Nam-guk [Image source = Yonhap News]

At the same time, he emphasized, “Whoever has no desire, throw a stone at Nam-guk Kim.”

Earlier, on the 2nd, Congressman Kim Han-gyu proposed an amendment to the Public Service Ethics Act, which aims to include virtual assets in the property to be registered as a public official. Regarding the purpose of the bill, he explained in a radio interview on the 11th, “I made a bill to make it clear because it can cause misunderstanding later.”

Regarding the timing of the proposal of the bill overlapping with the time of suspicion of virtual assets by Congressman Nam-guk Kim, “There are people who misunderstand whether virtual assets are included in the property registration because they want to know, but it is not at all.” Rep. Kim Nam-guk happened unexpectedly,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kim Nam-guk announced his withdrawal from the party on the 14th. It has been 9 days since the controversy arose after media reports that he possessed up to 6 billion won worth of ‘Wemix’ coins, a type of virtual currency.

He said, “I thought it should not cause any damage to the party at a critical time,” but emphasized, “As an independent lawmaker, I will reveal the truth against unfair political attacks to the end.”

Previously, Congressman Kim had explained, “There was no illegality, and the property report was legally completed,” but the controversy continued. ‘Amendment to the Income Tax Act’ to defer tax on virtual asset income for one year), the fact that he participated in the planning of the ‘Lee Jae-myeong Fund’ was also re-examined, leading to suspicions of a conflict of interest.

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