‘Pro Kim Bio vs. Amateur Jang Yu-bin’ hot competition for victory announced on the final day

With the LX Championship, the second tournament of the second half of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour, having been held until the third round, the ‘competition for the championship’ is now heating up in earnest. Kim Bio, who has 8 wins in total on the tour, is the sole leader, and Jang Yu-bin, an amateur who caused a stir by winning the Gunsan CC Open last week, is tied for 2nd place, signaling a heated competition for the championship on the final day.

The third round of the tournament continued on the 2nd at The Heaven Country Club (par 72) in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.메이저놀이터

Bio Kim, who has not yet won his first win of the season, reduced 5 strokes with 7 birdies and 2 bogeys on this day, rising to the sole leader with a total of 16 under par for rounds 1 to 3. This is the first win of the season and the 9th win overall on tour.

Bio Kim has not been able to add wins for a year and three months since achieving his 8th win on the tour at the SK Telecom Open in June of last year. However, by taking the lead in the first and second rounds of this tournament and the sole lead in the third round, he was ready to win his ninth Korean Tour trophy.

On this day, Bio Kim reduced 3 strokes to the 16th hole and took the sole lead with a birdie in the 17th hole (par 4) with a wonderful shot that almost became an eagle, and in the 18th hole (par 5), his second shot was in the direction of the cart road. However, he stopped at the edge of the grass and had the good fortune of losing one more stroke.

Bio Kim, who finished the 3rd round, said, “I think that if I play calmly, I can achieve good results. Even if there is a crisis like today, I try not to be shaken. I need to maintain a calm mind through image training as much as possible.” I promised.

Jang Yu-bin, who was tied for the lead until the second round, lost one stroke in the first half, but with her concentration of four birdies in the second half, she reduced three strokes and was tied for second place at 14 under par. He is only two strokes behind leader Bio Kim. With the momentum of Jang Yu-bin, who won last week’s Gunsan CC Open as an invited player after a close overtime match, there is a good chance that she will succeed again on the final day of this tournament. If Jang Yu-bin wins this competition, she will become the first amateur to win two competitions in a row.

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