Rain all over the country… Tomorrow Seoul 28 degree low heat

The sky’s expression has clearly changed from yesterday.

The whole country is cloudy안전놀이터.

It’s raining again everywhere.

Up to 40mm more rain will fall in Jeju Island by tomorrow.

Strong winds will blow along the southern coast with up to 20mm of rain.

Do you care about facility inspections?

In other areas, it will stop after about 5mm of rain.

Today’s highest temperature in Seoul was 27.6 degrees, but the East Sea, which was the hottest in the country yesterday, only rose to 23 degrees, and the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees in one day.

Please be careful not to lose your health in the jagged temperature changes.

It will be mostly cloudy tomorrow as well.

In the east coast area, rain will continue to come and go until daytime.

Tomorrow morning the temperature will start at 17 degrees in Seoul and 16 degrees in Daejeon and Gwangju.

In the middle of the day, the southern region will show around 25 degrees, showing late spring weather at this time of year.

On the other hand, Seoul will be as hot as early summer with the highest temperature rising to 28 degrees.

Weekends and holidays are mostly cloudy, and it’s not too hot, so it’s good to be active.

However, the temperature difference between morning and daytime is large by about 10 degrees.

Please be mindful of your attire.

It’s been life so far.

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