‘Recovery from the brink of defeat’ Martinez wins a dramatic victory after defeating Mori of Japan… Fourth PBA summit overall

Martinez wins 4 times, Mori is second after Caudron (8 times)
, bank shot mistake at 11:5 in the 6th set is ‘decisive’
Martinez came back from the brink of defeat and won his fourth PBA championship. On the other hand, Mori, who attempted to become the first Japanese player to win the PBA championship, missed out on a large catch and had to be satisfied with second place.

David Martinez (Crown Haitai) defeated Yusuke Mori with a set score of 4:3 (8:15, 15:3, 15:8) in the final of the ‘SY LPBA Championship’, the 4th game of the 23/24 season held at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on the 11th. , 9:15, 9:15. 15:12, 11:0) and rose to the top. Taejun Oh (Crown Haitai) and Kiho Park took joint third place.

Crown Haitai team mates and Crown Haitai Chairman Yoon Young-dal (center) are congratulating Martinez on his win.

Martinez and Mori, who competed fiercely, are taking a commemorative photo together at the awards ceremony.
As a result, Martinez won the trophy for the first time in about a year since the ‘Huons Cup’ in the 4th game last season (22/23), and increased his total number of wins to 4. In addition, he rose to second place in total wins after Coudron (8 times). The prize money for this competition is 100 million won for the winner and 34 million won for the runner-up.메이저놀이터

The first set was quickly taken by Mori, who hit 6 high runs from the first pitch. Martinez, who had been dealt a blow, reorganized his battle line and won the second and third sets, bringing the set score to 2:1. As the mood shifted to Martinez, an easy victory for Martinez was predicted.

However, Mori, who defeated Cho Jae-ho and Oh Tae-jun in this competition to advance to the finals, was not easy. He won the 4th and 5th sets by accumulating points with precise shots. The atmosphere reversed again, and Mori came closer to winning. In the 5th set with a set score of 2:2, he hit a high 9 points from the first pitch and ended the set at 15:9 in just 5 innings.

At the moment of confirming the win, Martinez is cheering and gesturing towards his Crown Haitai team mates.

Martinez and Mori banking in the final.
The 6th set was the turning point in the game. Mori, who won the 5th set with an explosive attack, continued that momentum in the 6th set. From the 3rd to 6th innings when the score was 0:3, we scored 11 points and made the score 11:5, and the next arrangement was a three-bank that was not difficult. However, Mori failed to score as the ball he hit hit the first object ball thickly. It was the first critical mistake at the end of the game.

Mori attempted a somewhat tricky two-bank shot in the 8th inning when he was leading 12:6, but failed to score. Then, he was hit with a bank shot by Martinez. Even here, Mori was ahead by 3 points (12:9).

Afterwards, both players failed to turn sideways, and Martinez ended the set with 5 points in the 10th inning attack at 12:10, taking the game to 7 sets. Martinez, who regained his momentum, won the match for the fourth time by finishing with an 11:0 ‘love game’ after a one-sided battle in the 7th set. Mori suffered a couple of critical attack failures at the end of the sixth set.

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