Residents worried about apartment ‘iron ball terror’ until when… “I can’t even open the window”

This year, glass windows were often broken by iron beads in apartments across the country, including Incheon.

Recently, similar incidents have been reported in Gyeonggi-do one after another, and the police have launched an investigation.

Reporter Song Jeong-hoon covered the scene.

◀ Report ▶

An apartment in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province.

There is a notice on the elevator.

‘Recently there was a hole and crack in the veranda glass’, ‘Please report in case of additional accidents’.

What happened? I went to one victim’s house.

When the blinds are rolled up, the thick glass pane is horribly cracked, and there is a bullet-like hole in the middle.

The homeowner, who had barely had time to open the windows all winter, couldn’t help but be surprised.

[Victimized residents]
“I went to clean it at the end of March, but I saw lines between the blinds, so when I pulled the blinds up, the windows were all broken and there were holes…” When I

reported it to the police at the end of March, other victims also appeared.

Residents who saw the notice later checked the windows and found out about the damage.

An iron ball with a diameter of about 8 millimeters was found on the veranda window frame of a reporter’s house.

It couldn’t penetrate the double-layered glass window, but if the window was open, it would be a dizzying situation.

[Victimized residents]
“That was before the weather got warmer, so it’s at least that much, but now it’s summer and I can open the windows a lot more…” As

additional cases were reported for three months by the beginning of this month, the damage increased to 6 households in this apartment alone.스포츠토토 it happened

Damage is concentrated in two buildings along the road, and the heights vary from the 3rd to the 20th floor.

Residents are more anxious because they do not know when another ‘iron ball terror’ will occur.

[Victimized residents]

“If the culprit is not caught now, another crime may occur, and if a person is hit, this is really…” There are no

witnesses or clues caught on CCTV yet.

Therefore, while the investigation is difficult because even the time of occurrence cannot be specified, the police are investigating the direction and distance from which the marble flew by requesting an analysis from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

This is MBC News Song Jeong-hoon.

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