Ronnie Walker, who even LeBron acknowledged, said he was “burning

Ronnie Walker IV (24) expressed his impression of playing the game of life in one word.

On the afternoon of the 9th (Korean time)먹튀검증, Walker left a brief impression of the Western Conference semifinal game 4 game against the Golden State Warriors (hereinafter referred to as the Golden State Warriors), saying, “I kept burning” on my personal SNS account.

In Walker’s post, former and current Lakers gathered to continue the celebration procession. First, Jared Vanderbilt replied, “Okay,” and Tristan Thompson commented, “I’m proud of you, Crody (Walker’s nickname)” and praised Walker.

LA Lakers (hereafter referred to as Lakers) rookie Max Christie expressed his respect by saying, “Thank you for the morning,” and Wonyan Gabriel and former Lakers player Jordan Clarkson responded using a roaring emoticon. Matt Ryan, who played for the Lakers this season, described Walker’s play as “100 points.”

Praise for the walkers of the legends continued. Shaquille O’Neal, who led the Showtime Lakers, praised his juniors with the nickname “Sky Walker,” and Flea, known as a great bassist and a big fan of the Lakers, expressed his love for Walker with a heart emoticon. In addition, Brian Aueudis, who has 23.3 million subscribers on YouTube, left a compliment saying, “It’s crazy,” and French singer M. Pocora said, “Thank you to Mr. Walker.”

Even athletes in other sports continued to praise Walker. Alejandro Balde, left fullback of FC Barcelona, ​​praised it using a goat emoji that symbolizes ‘GOAT’, and Travis Etienne of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL (American Football League) expressed admiration with “444”. In addition, countless people joined the procession of praise for Walker.

Earlier, Walker appeared like a turbulent hero in a situation where he was losing to Golden State in the game. Walker, who took on the role of bench scorer in the fourth quarter, scored 15 points in that quarter alone, and used up his stamina by putting his opponent’s ace, Stephen Curry, as his defender.

In an interview with the media after the game, Walker said, “I learned how to overcome the storm and dance in the storm.” I still stayed in the gym as a great teammate and professional.”

LeBron praised Walker’s high work ethic and handed the spotlight to him, saying, “Today is Ronnie Walker’s day.” Director Davin Hamm said, “If the mind and spirit are in a good place, the body will follow.” We kept the next play mindset and Ronnie Walker is right at the center of it.”

Meanwhile, the Lakers, who won thanks to Walker’s outstanding performance, face Game 5 at the Chase Center with a 3-1 lead in the series against Golden State.

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