‘Rookie of the Year 7’ Min-seo Kim, Rookie of the Year Award and MVP in the Champions League… “I will become a national representative”

160 cm. He is short for a handball player. However, he was inexhaustible against tall people one hand taller than himself. World Women’s Youth Handball Championship (under 18 years old) last August. Her South Koreans put her at the forefront, defeating her European counterparts and claiming her championship. She is the first among non-European countries. She did and she was named Most Valuable Player (MVP). However, her short stature continued to hold her back. In October of that year, she was promoted to the Handball League Rookie of the Year. Her name was not called until the 7th sequence. Six of her eight teams turned away from her. She’s the World Tournament MVP. After listening to her later, she said, “She may only work in the youth stage, but (with her height) she is incompetent in the adult league.”

She joined Samcheok City Hall in 7th place. He was still one of the smallest players in the league. However, she was confident in her grit and speed. The first year she exploded her potential. She ranked second in regular league scoring (142 goals) and fourth in assists (97 assists) by rookies. And she finished the 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League Women’s Championship Final, which ended on the 7th. She scored 16 goals, her team’s most, and led her team to the championship, winning the championship MVP. She also left a record of being the first player to win the Rookie of the Year award and the MVP of the championship at the same time. Samcheok City Hall center back Kim Min-seo (19) is the main character.

Due to the handicap of short stature안전놀이터, Kim Min-seo was initially classified as a ‘back-up’ resource. He almost missed the opportunity to unleash his hidden passion. However, ahead of the season, senior Song Ji-eun (27) and all-round player Lee Hyo-jin (29) moved from the same position (centre back). seat is left Lee Gye-cheong (55), director of Samcheok City Hall, boldly moderated her, leaving her with a slight question mark. “She is fast and has a good understanding of handball,” she said. Kim Min-seo did not miss her chance. Her points and assists broke all records of the most points (133 goals) and assists (66) in a single season as a rookie in the women’s division, set by Lee Hyo-jin of the Gyeongnam Development Corporation at the time in 2013. Director Lee said, “It is a miracle that our team caught Kim Min-seo (because we were not nominated earlier), and Kim Min-seo found luck in our team.”

Kim Min-seo said, “I thought there was a team that needed me (even if I wasn’t called up in the top ranks), so I didn’t mind.” “In middle and high school, I often thought (I wish I was taller), but since I’m not tall, I maximized my strength, fast speed. I practiced a lot in that direction,” he said.

Kim Min-seo also met a mentor at Samcheok City Hall. This is Kim On-ah (35), who transferred from Incheon City Hall ahead of this season. Kim On-a is a veteran who has played the national team since the 2008 Beijing Olympics (bronze medal) as a back-up for ‘legendary’ Seong-ok Oh (51). He is a senior Kim Min-seo respects and is also in the same position. Kim On-ah said, “(Oh) Seong-ok and I were 16 years apart, but Minseo and I also happened to be 16 years apart.” These days, the trend is for center backs to score and assist, but Minseo is already digesting it.” He predicted that he would be a competitive player in the national team as well. Kim Min-seo said, “It’s still amazing to play with (Kim) Ona’s sister,” and expressed her aspirations, “I want to step up (like my sister) and play an active role as a national representative.”

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