Salt Lake City challenges to attract a new MLB team… “We are the baseball city”

Salt Lake City, a city in Utah, USA토토사이트, challenged to attract a new MLB team.

ESPN of the United States announced on the 13th (Korean time) that the ‘Big League Utah’ consortium group led by Gail Miller, former owner of the NBA’s Utah Jazz, is promoting the attraction of a new MLB team.

The group included several local businesses centered on conglomerate Larry H. Miller, and former big leaguers Dale Murphy and Jeremy Guthrie, both based in Utah.

The group aims to build the stadium in the Rocky Mountain Power District, a mixed-use area located between Salt Lake City’s new airport and the city center. The group invests up to $200 million.

“Salt Lake City has a young population and deserves attention,” Miller CEO Steve Starks said.

“We hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002 and are looking to host another in 2030 or 2034. We’ve also hosted two NBA All-Star Games,” said Utah Governor Spencer Cox. . We are a baseball city,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, with the joining of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Rays in 1998, MLB, which has been operating with 30 clubs, plans to expand to 32 clubs in the long term.

Currently, Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Montreal, Canada are trying to attract new clubs.

Among them, Las Vegas is being discussed as a new home if the Oakland Athletics cannot solve the problem of a new soccer field.

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