“San Diego gave up on the season.” Bad news for Kim Ha-seong’s Gold Glove? What is the atmosphere like in this team?

“On August 31st, the San Diego Padres officially gave up (the season).”

Bob Nightingale, a columnist for USA Today and one of the major league sources, said on his social media site on the 1st (Korean time) He posted a post on social networking service (SNS) saying “San Diego has given up on the season,” attracting the attention of many fans. Of course, none of the front office, including general manager AJ Preller, or the players, including coach Bob Melvin, said they had “given up on the season.” However, Nightingale argued that such circumstances were clear when looking at San Diego’s waiver claim movement.

Teams that were thwarted or virtually thwarted from advancing to the postseason entered a ‘strategic retreat’ by announcing several players on waivers at the end of August. They are hoping that another team that can recruit these players will appear. In that case, you no longer have to pay the remaining salary. It can contribute in some small way to setting the team’s wealth tax (luxury tax) standards. Or, you can explore the possibility of a trade through waiver announcement.

San Diego did not declare a single player on waivers. At first glance, it looks like he hasn’t given up yet. On the other hand, despite the fact that there were quite a few useful properties on the market, such as Lucas Giolito, there was no news of significant recruitment. This was in contrast to the decision to go all the way by signing several players ahead of the trade deadline at the end of July. Nightingale saw that move and thought that San Diego had given up on this season.

It was worth it. At the end of July, there was a thought that “we will aim to advance to the postseason through a major counterattack in the second half.” There were still enough games left to overturn. However, in August, when the team had to put their lives on the line, they failed to produce any significant results and instead took a step backwards, making the team’s chances of advancing to the postseason extremely low. This is a team that already has a lot of highly paid players. There was no reason to increase the salary burden by recruiting players when there was no hope.

As of the 3rd (Korean time), San Diego stands at 64 wins and 73 losses (.467). Ranked 4th in the National League West Division. We are already far away from the wild card race. San Diego’s probability of advancing to the postseason calculated by statistics website ‘FanGraphs’ is only 1.1%. Considering the gain-loss margins so far, it is predicted that the season will end with 78 wins and 84 losses, which is a far from sufficient performance to go into the fall.

There is a gloomy atmosphere in the team as a whole. There is no excitement in the team, as if everyone is predicting a gloomy ending. Joe Musgrove (shoulder) and Yu Darvish (elbow), key players in the team’s starting lineup, left one after another, causing a puncture in the rotation, and the bullpen, which had been holding up well, is not doing well these days. The batting lineup, which the team had high hopes for, still does not have a synergy effect. It can also be seen that the team’s overall motivation has disappeared.메이저사이트

Now, even as fans look to ‘next year,’ there is a player in San Diego who still has an individual title at stake. A representative example on the mound is left-hander Blake Snell (31). Aiming for his second Cy Young Award. In the batting lineup, there is Kim Ha-seong (28), who is aiming for a Gold Glove award in the second base or utility category. If failure to advance to the postseason is confirmed, there is a possibility that some players will finish the season as is, but it is highly likely that these two players will be an exception.

Snell, who is about to qualify as a free agent, is seeing his value soar thanks to his perfect performance this season. Aside from his strong command, Snell had a problem with command, but this year is different. He pitched 155 innings in 28 games on the season, going 12 wins, 9 losses, and an ERA of 2.50. Although he walks a lot, he has a very strong strikeout ability and allows few hits, which is why he is producing such powerful results.

Along with Jack Gallen (Arizona), he is selected as the player currently leading the National League Cy Young Award race. Snell previously won the American League Cy Young Award in 2018 while playing for Tampa Bay. Even for the Cy Young Award, completion until the end of the season is guaranteed regardless of the team’s performance.

Ha-Seong Kim aims to win the Gold Glove Award. Among fielders, there are not many candidates for individual awards, but Kim Ha-seong can be seen as virtually the only candidate. Ha-Seong Kim can be said to be the MVP of San Diego’s field team this season. He is very active in both offense and defense. He is coming off his best personal season with a batting average of .274, 17 home runs, 52 RBI, 77 runs, 29 stolen bases, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.794 in 132 games on the season.

Defense is important when winning the Gold Glove. I’ve already earned a lot of points here. Ha-Seong Kim is recording +15 in DRS (an indicator of how many goals were prevented by defense) provided to the voting college. He ranks sixth among infielders in scoring. He competes with Andres Jimenez in the second base category, but Ha-seong Kim also plays a lot at third base and shortstop, so there is a possibility that he will be included in the utility category. If so, he is a pretty strong candidate for prime minister. Selection of final candidates is unconditional.

However, in a situation where the overall atmosphere of the team is down, Kim Ha-seong cannot play excitedly alone. Clearly, this team atmosphere also affects Ha-seong Kim, who is still motivated. This is why there are concerns that San Diego’s dark atmosphere may interfere with Kim Ha-sung’s bid to win the award. Ha-seong Kim’s final spurt of the season is attracting attention.

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