‘Second Kim Min-jae’ Kim Ji-soo, face-to-face with Son Heung-min in the opening game of the EPL in August?

Kim Ji-soo (19, Seongnam), who is considered the second Kim Min-jae, left Korea to become an English Premier League (EPL) center back.

Kim Ji-soo said, “It’s such a great honor. I am grateful for the interest from a good club,” he said. “Just making a debut (on the stage of the first division) is difficult. He leaves with the mindset that he will face it as much as possible and overcome it.”

He continued, “I was definitely inclined to my mind while having a video meeting with Brentford for nearly an hour. I was grateful to see that they prepared a lot to recruit me.”

In addition, he said to Seongnam fans, “I am very grateful that many fans have taken care of me since I was young and have shown interest in me.”

Kim Ji-soo, who is known to have finished negotiating a transfer fee with EPL club Brentford, will undergo a medical test when he arrives in the country. If passed, an official announcement from Brentford is expected to follow.

Kim Ji-soo, who contributed to Kim Eun-jung-ho’s advance to the semifinals at the recent FIFA U-20 World Cup, had received a love call from Brentford before the opening of the tournament.

In the current situation, it is certain that Kim Ji-soo will join Brentford. When Kim Ji-soo completes his contract, he will be the first Korean central defender to advance to the Premier League. He also becomes the 15th Korean Premier Leaguer of all time.

Kim Ji-soo, born in 2004, is a promising player who played in 19 K-League스포츠토토 1 games last season. Boasting an excellent physique (height 192 cm, weight 83 kg), Kim Ji-soo was evaluated as the ‘second Kim Min-jae’ for his calm defense that did not shake even at a young age.

Regarding this, Kim Ji-soo said, “(Kim) Min-jae hyung is doing very well, and I still have a lot to learn. Even if he goes to Brentford, he has to do it with the mindset that he will learn,” he said, “but he has confidence.”

Brentford climbed to third place in the 2020-21 season of the English Championship (second division) and went through a promotion PO to the first division. Last season, Son Heung-min’s team rose to ninth place, just below Tottenham.

According to the EPL schedule, Brentford will face Tottenham in the opening game of the 2023-24 season (August 13 at the home G-Tech Community Stadium). Although there is not much experience in playing on the adult stage yet, if Kim Ji-soo participates in the opening match, an unavoidable confrontation with striker Son Heung-min may unfold. Kim Ji-soo said, “I will try my best to play before the opening game against Tottenham

. ” Now we have to compete as the same players. I will face it with confidence,” he said.

Once Kim Ji-soo is confirmed, he will continue to stay in England and join Brentford’s pre-season schedule scheduled for next month.

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