Seok Ahn sinks giant ship Seok-hyeon Chu and advances to the finals

Ahn Seok (Pusan ​​National University) defeated strong championship candidate Choo Seok-hyeon (Soonchunhyang University) to advance to the men’s singles final of the 77th National Spring University Tennis Federation and Category Tennis Championships held at Yanggu Tennis Park in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do.

In the semifinals of the men’s singles held on March 27th, No. 3 seed Ahn Seok advanced to the final by beating Choo Seok-hyeon, the defending champion of the previous tournament and a strong candidate for the championship메이저놀이터, with a set score of 2-0.

Ahn Suk led the game with a bold serve and forehand based on a stable defense and minimized errors as much as possible, turning Choo Suk-hyun, who was aiming for a second consecutive victory, to 6-2 6-4.

An Seok’s opponent in the finals was No. 2 seed Park Yong-joon (Ulsan University), who defeated Yang Soo-young (Korea National University of Physical Education) 6-2 6-2.

In the women’s semifinals, No. 1 seed Oh Eun-ji (Myongji University), who is aiming for a second straight victory, shakes the opponent with various angle shots and net play that catches the opponent off guard. and advanced to the finals.

Oh Eun-ji is facing second seed Moon Jeong (Korea National University of Sport), who defeated Lee Eun-ji (Korea National University of Physical Education) 6-3 6-1, with a bout remaining for her second consecutive victory.

In the men’s doubles final, Korea National University of Transportation’s Junsu Kang and Homin Kwak teamed up to win Myongji University’s Jeongwon Park and Hwijin Jeong 6-3 6-4 within 1 hour and 25 minutes of the match to claim the gold medal.

In the women’s final match between Jung-Shin Moon and Hye-Ran Yoon and Eun-Ji Lee from Korea National University of Physical Education, Moon Jeong-Shin Hye-Seo gave up a game in the first set 4-5, overcame the crisis of 5-5 and won two games in a row to 7-5. They beat the Yoon Hye-ran-Lee Eun-ji team to win, but the Yoon Hye-ran-Lee Eun-ji team’s strong opposition gave them a 1-6 score in the second set.

After a close match in the ensuing 10-point match tie-break, Moon Jeong-Shin Hye-seo won 10-8 and became the protagonists of the doubles gold medal. Moon Jung, who won with Shin Hye-seo in her doubles, is also in her singles final, aiming for her second crown of the event.

The men’s and women’s singles finals will be held at Yanggu Tennis Park in Yanggu-gun from 10:00 am on the 28th, the last day of the tournament, to determine the protagonist of the men’s and women’s singles event, and the grand finale will come to an end.

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