Seoul E-Land recruits Brazilian ‘playmaker’ Bruno

Seoul E-Land FC has signed Brazilian playmaker Bruno.

Seoul E-Land announced on the 17th that it had acquired midfielder Bruno, 바카라사이트 who played an active role in Vitoria and Santos, Brazil.

Bruno made his professional debut in 2018 at XV G. Piracicaba (Paulista State 2nd Division). The following year, he increased his playing time at Gremiu Osascu (Paulista State Division 3) and Caldense (Serie D, Mineri Division 1), and his potential as a promising player was recognized.

Since then, he has been active as a main player wearing the uniform of Vittoria belonging to Serie B in the 202 season, and last year joined Santos (Serie A), the top Brazilian league and a prestigious club.

He has an agile physique of 175 cm and 72 kg. He is an attacking midfielder whose strengths are fast speed and dribbling, as well as precise left-footed kicks and powerful shooting. His sharp passing and excellent mobility are evaluated as having all the advantages of a playmaker, and he can play as a left and right winger and a second striker.

Bruno said, “I heard that the K-League has quality players and play, and passionate fans. Just then, an offer came from E-Land in Seoul, and he did not want to miss the opportunity. I am very excited about his life and want to stay here for a long time. As much as I came with a big decision, I want to contribute to the ultimate goal of the team and leave a deep impression on the fans

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