Shin Jin-ho only thought of Incheon fans, “I gave a game where my butt was excited… I feel good in front of the home fans”

Shin Jin-ho shared his impressions of welcoming 10,000 spectators for the home opening game in Incheon.

Incheon United and Daejeon Hana Citizen drew 3-3 in the second round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 4th at 2:00 pm.

Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo formed the midfield following the first round against FC Seoul. In the 35th minute of the second half, he tried a cross that became the starting point for Mpoku’s come-from-behind goal, adding influence to the offense and defense.

In the mixed zone after the game, Shin Jin-ho said, “Today was a disappointing game. However, I think it was a game that made the fans’ hips shake. I felt good while playing the game, and at the end, I felt sorry for myself. It’s meaningful,” he said.메이저사이트

Incheon has also made great progress within the club, such as the completion of the clubhouse. Shin Jin-ho said of his impressions of living in Incheon, “We have a clubhouse, and the club is providing a lot of support in various systems. Of course, I believe that it should and will get better. “he said.

When he moved to Incheon, he received a lot of attention, but he said there was no pressure. He said, “I’ve never had a burden. The fact that fans always expect it means that I gave them that much expectation. I just have to work hard to meet it.”

Director Cho Sung-hwan has shown interest in Shin Jin-ho before. In the end, it is the player and the manager who met together in Incheon.

Shin Jin-ho said, “The coach doesn’t say that much in normal times. However, whenever he speaks, I always feel the coach’s heart and know that heart very well. I just want to repay you on the pitch. I will repay you with faith.” said his heart.

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