‘Shock sweep failure’ Bunt failure → Byeongsalta, absurd catch mistake… Even Ko Woo-seok collapsed at the end

The LG Twins suffered a sweep loss against the KIA Tigers on the weekend in a 3-game series. LG, which was in first place before meeting KIA, suffered three consecutive losses and ended April in third place.

The match between KIA and LG was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 30th. On this day, where the slugfest took place, LG’s defense was unstable with 3 mistakes. And at the last minute, Go Woo-seok collapsed. 

In the first inning안전놀이터, starting pitcher Kelly’s catch error and a bad throw at home contributed the first point. At 1st base and 2nd base, the first baseman hit a ground ball into the first base cover and missed it. 

In the process of allowing a tie with a timely hit in the 7th inning with a lead of 5-4, catcher Kim Ki-yeon missed the home throw and sent the runner into scoring position.  

A really fatal and absurd mistake came out 8 times. Right fielder Moon Seong-joo seemed to catch Han Seung-taek’s fly ball in second out and second base, but it was hit by the glove and dropped in the last catch. The wind blew rather strongly, but it was a floating ball that had to be caught because the flight time was long. 

With two outs, Socrates, the runner on second base, returned to third base and came home to score a come-from-behind run. KIA overturned 6-5.

In a situation where LG fell behind by one point, even Ko Woo-seok, the finisher, was put in. In the 2nd 1st and 2nd bases, Ryu Ji-hyeok hit a double with 2 RBIs against Go Woo-seok, driving a wedge. ran away 8-5. 

LG made a dramatic tie after 2 outs in the 8th inning. Moon Seong-joo and Kim Hyeon-soo picked consecutive walks from the 2nd and 1st base and became the bases full. Austin scored 1 RBI right on the right, followed by Oh Ji-hwan with 2 RBIs on the right and the right time to tie the game at 8-8. It seemed to bring the mood. 

However, Go Woo-seok, whom he trusted, collapsed in the ninth inning. He allowed two walks and was hit in time by Hwang Dae-in. Ko Woo-seok hit a three-run home run to Socrates and the score gap widened to 8-12. In the ninth inning, he failed to catch even one out count and was beaten. The 4 runs in one game is Ko Woo-seok’s personal record for the most runs.

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