Ski Empress Shiffrin’s dream is to be 1/6 billion, “to be the best on the planet”

Michaela Shiffrin (USA) was born in 1995 and won the title of Ski Empress at the young age of 28. Shiffrin, still in his 20s, can now look to the world’s first “100 Alpine World Cup wins.”

Shiprin won her first World Cup medal at the age of 16 in December 2011 by placing third in the slalom in Lienz, Austria.

In December 2018, in the slalom at the Courchevel World Cup in France, she became the youngest player to win both men’s and women’s events at the age of 23, achieving her 50th career World Cup victory.

The secret to his victory was his extraordinary ‘competitive spirit’. He had a desire not to lose to anyone and an aspiration to become the strongest in alpine skiing among her men and women.

With 82 World Cup victories, 20 World Cup overall titles, 3 Olympic medals, and 7 medals at the World Championships, Shiffrin surpasses Lindsey Vonn, who was considered the greatest skiing empress in history.

She also broke the record of 82 World Cup victories set by Lindsey Vonn over 18 years.

His racing helmet always has the words ‘ABFTTB’ engraved on it. It is an abbreviation of ‘Always Be Faster Than The Boys’, a motto that Shiffrin, who shows extraordinary competitiveness, has been with since childhood.

True to his motto, Shiffrin won the 2022-2023 International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine World Cup Women’s Giant Slalom held in Kronplatz, Italy on the 24th and 25th (Korean time) with a total of 2 minutes 00 seconds 61 in the 1st and 2nd periods on the 24th. Record, 25 days 1st and 2nd period total 2 minutes 03 seconds 28 recorded and won the championship.

In this season’s World Cup competition, which runs until March, Shiffrin not only breaks the record for the most wins in the women’s division, but also raises the possibility of surpassing the 86 wins of “Legend of Alpine Skiing” Ingemar Stenmark (Sweden), who holds the record for the most wins in both men and women, within this season. It is showing.

Stenmark also added strength in an interview with the Olympic Channel, saying, “Shiprin will be able to pass the notice of her 100th World Cup victory.”

Shiffrin’s father, Jeff Shiffrin, passed away in an unexpected accident at his home in Colorado, USA in 2020.

In early February, while he was preparing for a tournament in Italy, he heard the news of his father’s accident and hurriedly went to his house, but eventually sent his father away. 토토사이트

His father, who was a doctor, studied effective exercise and conditioning methods for his daughter, a skier, and served as her daughter’s strongest supporter as a psychological counselor.

Shortly after his father passed away, Shiffrin went through a slump so much that he stopped the season for a month in February and was rumored to retire.

However, Shiffrin, who overcame sadness with one commitment to commemorate his father and returned after a month, said on his SNS at the time, “If I play a good game, I think I can make my dad happy.” It was also said to have started again.

Also, his extraordinary ability is not only his competitive spirit.

He is lively and versatile, and he also has a unique model sense, which has become a hot topic. Thanks to this, he is also active as an attractive CF star receiving love calls from various fields such as Adidas and Land Rover.

Can Shiffrin’s ‘different’, built by his strong tenacity, surpass the position of ski empress and become a skier faster than men, and a legend of 1 in 6 billion?

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