Son Heung-min’s attitude reexamined… I hope everyone ‘does like SON’

Acting manager Christian Stellini praised Son Heung-min’s attitude.

Tottenham Hotspur are facing major difficulties. This is because manager Antonio Conte left during the season, and he has to play the rest of the season as an acting coach and challenge the existing goal of qualifying for the European Football Federation (안전놀이터UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Currently, Tottenham is in 5th place in the league with 49 points, but they have to work hard because they have played one more game than Newcastle United in 3rd and Manchester United in 4th. While the team is shaking inside and out, it is essential to keep track of the results.

All you can do right now is focus. The atmosphere is also chaotic, but if even the mentality of Tottenham members is shaken, it is highly likely that Tottenham will not get the desired result. This is why acting coach Stellini pays attention to this part.

Acting manager Stellini said players need to have the right attitude for the rest of the season. In the process, acting coach Stellini mentioned Son Heung-min’s attitude. Son Heung-min said in an interview when Conte left the team that he felt responsible for it.

At the time, Son Heung-min expressed his apologies after the friendly match against Uruguay, saying, “I don’t know what other players think, but I’m sorry to the coach.” He felt responsible for his poor performance compared to last season. Heung-Min Son was the first player to speak about Coach Conte, so the locals in England also paid attention to Heung-Min Son’s attitude, saying that Heung-Min Son showed a sense of responsibility.

Acting manager Stellini said other players should have the same attitude as Son Heung-min. Britain’s ‘Telegraph’ said, “Son Heung-min, who did not maintain his outstanding form as last season, admitted that he felt responsible for Conte’s departure, and Acting manager Stellini wants to see that attitude in all Tottenham players.” .

Acting manager Stellini said, “I am grateful that Son Heung-min said that. He wants to take responsibility. Showing an attitude of taking responsibility means that he wants to do his best in the future. I think players should do that,” he said.

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