SON’s constant Tottenham soul partner? “I will not tarnish the legacy”

Stay at Tottenham Hotspur and continue to work with Son Heung-min?

Tottenham are in a position to miss Harry Kane, the core and soul partner of Son Heung-min.

While Kane wants to solve his thirst for the championship, transfer rumors are constantly being raised.

Kane is widely expected 카지노사이트to leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer for a trophy.

Tottenham launched a catch operation in a situation where the contract with Kane expires in June 2024, but the dominant analysis is that there is a lack of persuasive justification.

Tottenham’s sluggish performance has eliminated hopes of participating in the Champions League next season, and the Europa League is also unlikely. This is the reason why Kane transfer rumors are gaining momentum, and he is being linked with Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

Tottenham’s Dimitar Berbatov weighed in on staying rather than transferring due to Kane’s staggering legacy.

Berbatov told British media ’90min’, “I don’t think Kane will leave Tottenham. His legacy at Tottenham is too great to tarnish. He will not allow me to do that again,” he said, anticipating a stay.

“When you say Tottenham, Kane comes to mind. think first Everything he has achieved is unbelievable,” he said, referring to an inseparable relationship.

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