Substance put in buttocks spread throughout body…beautiful influencer eventually dies

A Brazilian female influencer who underwent an illegal butt lift procedure has died after suffering a stroke. The woman, who underwent the procedure three years ago, reportedly suffered side effects after the substance injected into her buttocks spread throughout her body스포츠토토.

On Jan. 1 (local time), the New York Post and the U.K.’s The Mirror reported that Brazilian model Lizia Fazio, 40, died after suffering side effects from a butt lift procedure. Lizia, who worked primarily online, was an influencer with 940,000 followers on Instagram.

Photo = Lizia Fazio Instagram

She underwent an illegal butt lift procedure three years ago by a non-professional with no medical license. She had already undergone several procedures, and when her doctor discouraged her from having more, she turned to illegal methods.

During the illegal procedure, Rizia reportedly had a substance mixed with industrial silicone injected into her buttocks, which then spread throughout her body, causing infection problems. He was hospitalized for more than three months to have the substance removed. In March of last year, Fazio told local media that “the injected substance seemed to be moving around in my body,” and that “they made an incision in my skin and removed both the silicone and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate).”

Despite the removal of the foreign objects, Fazio suffered a stroke as a side effect of the procedure, and was rushed to the hospital where he died last month.

Meanwhile, experts warn that getting silicone injections with foreign objects mixed in illegally can cause serious health problems. If the body absorbs the foreign material, it can cause inflammation and deform body parts. If it enters the bloodstream and clogs blood vessels, there’s also a risk of cell necrosis.

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