‘Surprising No. 1’ Abercrombie, ‘responsibility’ rather than burden… “Our strength is quick judgment”

“There is no pressure. “I have a sense of responsibility for the team.”

Abercrombie, a foreign player from IBK Industrial Bank, was called by IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol as the first overall player in the 2023-2024 professional volleyball women’s foreign player draft. Coach Kim highly praised his wide offensive range and the advantage of being left-handed.

Although it was an ‘unconventional choice,’ Coach Kim said, “He is the best player for a team situation that requires playing speed volleyball. He could have chosen a taller player, but he chose a player who could match well with our setter,” he explained.

Abercrombie, which arrived in Korea last month, is melting into IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. He recently met with this magazine at the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s Giheung Training Center and said, “I have a very shy personality. He was shy, but all the players approached him first, so we became friends. “Once you get used to it, it’s okay,” he said with a smile, adding, “I’ve almost finished adjusting to life in Korea. “Everything was well-organized and efficient, so there were no major problems adapting,” he said.

As Coach Kim said, Abercrombie showed off various angles that he can use as a left-hander during training. Although his power was not fully developed yet, the advantages of being tall were clear. Abercrombie said, “The director doesn’t ask for anything special. We are still in the process of getting our breathing together. To further increase attack power, you need to increase your strength and power. “If you train consistently before the season, you will have enough time to prepare,” he said.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea took second place in the youngest 2023 KOVO Cup last month. Although they lost to GS Caltex in the finals, it was enough to build expectations for the next season. Abercrombie also said, “All team members work hard in their respective positions. I feel like I am getting better through training. The strengths of colleagues were also revealed. He said he saw the positive side, saying, “I felt good energy about the season.”

He said, “It is a good league with a tight defense. Therefore, playing volleyball in Korea will be a new and valuable experience and challenge for me. “I think it is a challenge that will help me in my life,” he said about the Korean league.안전놀이터

In the V-League, foreigners have so much influence that they can influence the team’s performance for the year. Abercrombie, ranked first overall, is no exception. He said, “I’m grateful that my name was called first, but I don’t feel any pressure. However, I felt a sense of responsibility towards the team. “It will be the same for all outsiders,” he said emphatically.

IBK Industrial Bank welcomed Thailand national team setter Ponpoon as part of the Asian quota. Abercrombie also expressed expectations for Ponpoon, who will join the team after the Hangzhou Asian Games. He said, “Ponpoon is a very famous player. I think he’ll get along well. I like quick attacks. He expressed his expectations, saying, “Ponpoon is a player with strengths in that area.”

Abercrombie is looking forward to the next season. He said he wanted to show himself on the court and said, “My strength is quick judgment. And since he is left-handed, he can make multiple angles. “If I had to say my disadvantage is that my voice is a little quiet on the court,” he said with a smile, “of course the goal is to win.” Now I want to meet the fans at the stadium. “I hope you will always support and look forward to it,” he said emphatically.

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