The biggest variable appeared before Bellingham’s signing, Manchester United’s interest is heating up again

Man Utd’s interest in Bellingham has grown again.

It is news that Manchester United is rekindling interest in ‘Europe’s best talent’ Jude Bellingham (Dortmund).

Even at the young age of 19, Bellingham was attracting attention from big clubs early on for his top-notch performance. Ahead of the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, many clubs, including Liverpool and Real Madrid, started scouting for him, and news came out that Dortmund had set a transfer fee of 130 million pounds. 토토

Here, the Qatar World Cup ignited even more fire. As a starter for the England national team, Bellingham played a big role in his first game against Iran, scoring England’s first goal of the tournament. Bellingham’s share price rose even more through the World Cup.

British media ‘The Times’ reported that Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag is a big fan of Bellingham, and he thinks he can create a new history with Bellingham. Manchester United also showed interest in Bellingham, but not as aggressively as Liverpool and Real Madrid. However, it sparked interest again and caused a big variable before the recruitment.

Bellingham’s contract expires in the summer of 2025, but no one denies that he will be leaving the club next summer. Bellingham himself said that he plans to decide his future after the World Cup.