‘The future is bright’ 1.17 trillion U-21 world best 11… 19-year-old Bellingham ‘TOP’

The future is bright. The World’s Best 11, made up of players under the age of 21 (U-21), has been revealed.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘TransferMarkt’ announced the best eleven of the world’s most expensive U-21 players. The media added an additional explanation, saying, “These talented stars! (Talented stars!)”.

The formation was 4-2-3-1. The front line was Gabriel Martinelli (21‧ Arsenal). Martinelli’s ransom was 70 million euros (approximately 99.5 billion won안전놀이터) and ranked eighth in the world U-21 value.

The second line was Jamal Musiala (20‧ Bayern Munich), Pablo Gabi (18 ‧ Barcelona), and Bukayo Saka (21 ‧ Arsenal). Musiala and Saka were set at 110 million euros (about 156 billion won) and Gabi at 90 million euros (about 128 billion won). In terms of World U-21 Values, Musiala and Saka were tied for second and Gabi was fifth.

The midfielders were Pedri (20, Barcelona) and Jude Bellingham (19, Dortmund). Fedry was recognized for 100 million euros (approximately 142 billion won) and Bellingham for 120 million euros (approximately 170.5 billion won). Pedri ranked fourth and Bellingham ranked first in the World U-21 Values.

The four backs were paired with Nuno Mendes (20, Paris Saint-Germain), Yoshko Grabardiol (21, Leipzig), Julian Timber (21, Ajax), and Malo Guisto (19, Olympique Lyonnais). Mendes 65 million euros (approximately 92.5 billion won), Gbardiol 75 million euros (approximately 106.5 billion won), Timber 42 million euros (approximately 59.5 billion won), Gusto 25 million euros (approximately 35.5 billion won) was Mendes ranked ninth, Gbardiol seventh, Timber tied for 12th and Gusteau tied for 34th in World U-21 Value.

Lastly, Anatoly Trubin (21‧ Shakhtar) was placed as the goalkeeper. Trubin’s ransom was 18 million euros (approximately 25.5 billion won), tied for 69th place in the world U-21 value.

The total ransom of these super-prospects was 825 million euros (approximately 1.1715 trillion won). The average age was 20.1 years old and the top player in the U-21 World’s Best Eleven was Bellingham at €120 million.

Meanwhile, among U-21 Koreans, Jung Sang-bin (21‧Minnesota United) received 2 million euros (approximately 2.84 billion won), Oh Hyun-gyu (21‧Celtic) received 1.8 million euros (approximately 2.556 billion won), and Yang Hyun-jun (20–20 million won). Gangwon FC) built TOP3 with 700,000 euros (approximately 994 million won).

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