The highest number of 5 people since the introduction of the ‘ASEAN Quarter’… Can the ‘Korean Dream’ come true?

Can the ‘Korean Dream’ come true?메이저놀이터

The Korea Professional Football Federation introduced the ‘ASEAN Quarter’ from the 2020 season. It cannot be said that the effect is great. Also, from this season, K League 1 reorganized the foreign player system from ‘3+1’ to ‘5+1’ (5 foreigners regardless of nationality + 1 player from an AFC member country). As a result, the ASEAN Quarter in the K-League 1 has become obsolete. It is a natural exit, but it should be seen that it has actually lost its place. Nevertheless, the ‘ASEAN Quarter’ continues to be enforced in K-League 2. Since its introduction, the largest number of people have registered.

However, with the exception of Asnawi, who moved to Jeonnam Dragons this season after playing for two years at Ansan Greeners, the ASEAN Quarter was not successful. Before the introduction of the ASEAN Quarter, Truong and Kong Phuong (Vietnam), who stepped on the K-League stage, returned without showing any significant performance. Truong only played a total of 6 matches for Incheon United and Gangwon FC. Kong Phuong also packed his bags after playing 8 games wearing the Incheon uniform. Defender Sassalak, brought by Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 2021 season, also played only two league games and did not survive the competition. The K-League’s unique fast tempo, physical, and physical struggles suffered.

A total of 5 ASEAN quotas were registered ahead of this season. Including Asnawi, Bantoan (Seoul E-Land), Anwa Hieu (Cheonan City FC, Lee Sang Vietnam), and Kogi (Chungbuk Cheongju FC, Malaysia) are the main characters. First of all, the marketing effect is clear. Ansan, who brought Asnawi, enjoyed the effect of a rapid increase in the number of club social media followers. The influx of Vietnamese and Malaysian fans is significant.

However, this is enough to bring them in just for marketing purposes. From now on, you have to prove your skills in the K-League. The ‘ASEAN Quarter’, which is in its third season after its introduction, should also be seen as standing at a crossroads. As the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) reorganized the quota for foreign players, it is a new test. In particular, in the K-League 1, the ‘ASEAN Quarter’ did not receive much support. It is safe to say that whether this system, which has been maintained in the K-League 2, can gain strength again depends on the performance of newly registered ASEAN quota resources this season.

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